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Samsonite vs Dakine Ski Bags with Wheels

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I own a SportsTube but I am thinking of traveling instead with a new soft padded bag with wheels. I've narrowed my choice down between the Samsonite:

Samsonite 2 pair bag with wheels

And the Dakine Councourse 2 pair bag with wheels:

Dakine Bag

The Samsonite looks sturdier but it also looks a lot bulkier. The Dakine, on the other hand, does not seem to have a handle at the top of the bag. Can anyone comment on either bag???

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I have used the dakine dually roller bag for a few years now. Its the best piece of luggage I have ever owned. Holds 2 pair of skis and plenty of other stuff as well. I think mine does have a handle on the top of the bag. It also has a big cushy shoulder strap if you need to carry the bag.
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have you looked at the high sierra double with wheels, like you I have sportubes but want to find a sturdy bag instead.
problem is I'm not where I can look at any. so hopefully some other people have some thoughts on these bags.
cheers bteddy
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I have just been shopping for a new ski bag. I travel from Oz to the US each year for a 5 month stint, so lots of gear. My old double ski bag was nice, but it's way too long, and I always get tennis elbow from the swing weight.

So since my skis are now all 160cm, I went looking at board bags! I prefer the stubby shape of those, you can pack more gear in, and they come with wheels. The key to travelling with skis safely is to pack the skis in with soft stuff, so nothing can harm them. Not even if the bag is dropped from a great height. You pack thermals, shirts and fleeces right around, so there's no movement, no access to the skis' edges. I've done this trip every year since 97, and never any problems.

I have found there is a big price variation between brands though, with no apparent cause. The DaKine bags seemed quite pricey. In the end I opted for a local surf/board brand, Ocean and Earth. I got some brilliant goretex gloves at their factory outlet for $25 Aus (reduce for US$), and now I can get a board bag from them for half the normal price.
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Originally posted by bteddy:
have you looked at the high sierra double with wheels
Isn't that the same bag as the Dakine?

Also, I went to Yahoo Shopping and did a search under Dakine and found that there are a number of venders selling the double with wheels for under $100. I found it at one place for $70. Dakine makes a 185c and a 200c bag. MY ONLY CONCERN IS WITH THE HANDLES. NONE OF THE PICTURES INDICATE THAT THERE IS A HANDLE AT THE TOP.


Are you sure it has a top handle? [img]smile.gif[/img]
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The DAKine I have has nylon straps(handles) at the top and at the side. It also came with a large strap to carry it on your shoulder(I've never met anyone that would find carrying that thing through an airport on their shoulder pleasant). It is large enough to pack my favorite skis in a ski tube on one side and another another pair of skis on the other side with tons of room for days and days of ski clothing. The problem is that when it is all packed, it is a monster. The clerks at the airports can't really lift it, so there probably isn't that much to worry about them dropping it from much of a height. ..I haven't used it since they tightened security, but I bet they wouldn't like the looks of that monster these days.

If I were doing it today, I would choose something more compact that just had room enough to handle the two pairs of skis.
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Which model do you have? The concourse 185, 200, or the Dualle (ski/snowboard combo bag)?
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I just got the monster out and I can't believe I ever thought I should tackle carrying something that big around. The model tag indicates it is the #1600-600-19 Dually. I bought it and their largest zippered top/bottom duffel thinking I could haul around everything except the kitchen sink. ..Problem is; once you get there, it weighs a ton and won't fit in most vehicles. I hauled that stuff to the airport in a pick-up.

The bag measures 86"X34" opened and empty, and 86"X17"X10" loaded. The 86"X17" pouch on one side has a 71" zipper on it and was large enough to hold a 190cm pair of skis in a ski tube plus a pair of 201cm skis with two pairs of poles. The opposing side has a 71"X17" pouch with a 71" zipper and a smaller 17"X13" zippered pouch. --They hold a 'ton' of stuff! ..The complementing duffel held two pairs of ski boots in the bottom/wheeled portion, with the top half being larger than most regular bags. I never had to weigh them, but the airport people always dragged them rather than attempting to lift them.

The ski bag has a well made nylon/rubber grab handle on the 'pull' end opposite the wheels. Two heavy straps close together to form a handle at the center fold. There are 'D' rings at the base of those straps that a heavy shoulder strap attaches to.

It's all well made, but too big to be reasonably useful. I wish I had done more research on both items instead of just grabbing the biggest I could find!
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Would definitely (second (or third, or fouth...) the comments about the monstrous Dakine double roller board bag, I have one and it's huge. Bit of a pain manoeuvering round the airport check in line, especially where they're not relly equiped for skis (eg Heathrow).
It is big enough to pack my better half in, there's an idea for low cost holiday? Though I'd have to leave my skis behind - maybe it's better the other way round!! [img]graemlins/evilgrin.gif[/img]
I have the smaller one, the longest skis I've put in are 171 1080s, if you've got much longer ones they may not fit.


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I like the idea of a smaller bag. My tube sits on top of a Durango. I'm 6'3 and it's a long stretch to just get it open. So a 150 pound ski bag would be out of the question. I think I'll get her the small one, thanks!
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