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Red Sox Wednesday game

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My boss will make the ceremonial first pitch in tomorrows 1 PM start.

The company owner won a charity auction for 4 seats and the first pitch and gave the first pitch to him---he had to buy his own seat tho!!

Do they typically show every games ceremonial 1st pitch?? We'll be watching for the 47 footer to come skidding across the plate---but wonder if we'll actually see it? Any one know??
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If he can get it over the plate, the Sux will probably sign him.
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some how I knew Ruler would respond!

I know 1/2 game up now eh??
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I've almost never seen a first pitch on TV. Gotta be at the game to see it. Sorry.
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ah well, we get lunch while we watch in the conference room!!
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Originally Posted by irul&ublo
If he can get it over the plate, the Sux will probably sign him.
I hear the Yankees are scouting Little League pitchers. Is that a single A pitcher they're using tonight?

Sox have 5 decent starters as well as Schilling.
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Franklin who's dat

Franklin - yep he musta been something before electricity....actually he discovered electricity didn't he? What's Ben Franklin doing pitching in a 1 run game?.......Aaron Small...hmmmmmm - things are really looking up in pinstripe land......who are these guys? Where's the $200M payroll...Hey and where's Melkey? Or who's Melkey or is it Milky (as in Way)....as in no way he could start for Tampa Bay Devil Dogs....

Meanwhile Bosox win another AA game. Bring on the Chisox! Can you imagine what George will do if Bosox get Soriano?.....oh my.....
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Well, we couldn't see the pitch but Tim did call and "claim " he threw a strike!::!
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