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R:EX length?

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Any thoughts or suggestions on a good length for Atomic R:EX? I'm interested in using them mostly off trail in the East (Jay Peak), but need the performance on eastern groomed as well (unavoidable). Normally, I would expect the 184cm to be perfect, but given the tight spaces here (rather than wide open western spaces) and the width and weight of this ski, I am thinking 177cm. Finally, I like turning a bit more than bombing.
Height 6', weight 180.

Thanks for your help, bears.
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184. It's easier to turn than the mag reviews say.
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Agreed, especially if you are on the heavier side. In pow, its astonishing how fast it turns - almost too fast for me.

Tom / PM

PS - I'm 210 lbs, on a 184, and have been thinking of switching to a 188 g4.
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I just picked up a pair of R:EXs, WHOLESALE!!!!, anyways i'm 6'1-6'2 and weigh 220 and i went w/ the 191s. i spoke to an atomic rep the other day at the ski expo and we talked for a while about going 184/191 and after talking to him i went 191. my old skis were 193s, but they were skinny shaped sticks. what i got from the rep was that i coulda gone 184, but considering my size he said the 191 would be a better fit. mostly because of the weight factor and the few extra cms would make a big diff when you really dig in and get aggressive on the ski. we've got a 40 pound weight difference so the 184 may be a better fit for you...ask some questions at the ski shops and try to find a rep, they USUALLY know what they're talkin about...now if only i had some snow so i could go enjoy these bad boys.....SNOW SNOW SNOW
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Alright, so we have an epic consensus here for 184... Does anyone at all believe the 177 would be a happier choice for the use I have in mind?

Thanks bears!
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