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Mogul ski length

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I'm still trying to get some idea what length to shop for in the way of mogul skis. I't not like I can go out and demo a few pairs. I weigh 165 and my daughter weighs 115. (I'm not interested in all-mountain skis that are "pretty good in the bumps" )I was hoping to find some Twisters or Straight Lines etc. reasonably affordable on-line or maybe in a summer sale. Any words of wisdom?
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how tall are you and your daughter?
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a ski doesn't know how tall you are. weight is all you need. go 180if you rock the bumps.

i love, love, love, love the bumps. but i'm not a bondage bump skier. i telemark every single frickin turn. i like a 175 in a shaper ...i'm 180lbs. please accept my kind.
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I say get a 165cm ski; with modern ski's you don't need any more length and they will be easier to ski than the longer ones. I weigh about 165 and have tried out skis ranging from 160 cm to 208 cm in bumps, though none of them were "bump" skis. With the shorter skis you have less chance of catching the tips or tails on stuff when braking/skidding, you have less swing weight when pivoting or making jump turns, and have an easier time making recoveries should you get a little out of shape.
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Do some people purposely ski moguls?
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Originally Posted by U.P. Racer
Do some people purposely ski moguls?
Do some people purposely avoid them?
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avoid them by jumping OVER them
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It's pretty simple. Most full blown mogul skis now only come in two sizes. Some come in three.

180 - Men
170 - Women
160 - Juniors

If you're interested, I have a pair of 181 Fischer Lunars for sale. Drilled for a Salomon binding but never skied.

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