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Looking for CT/Southern N.E. Charitable $ Sources

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I'll start by saying that I am not looking/asking for donations (individually) from any Bears.

I'm in the process of attempting to start a CT chapter of Burton Snowboards Chill Program. A description copied from the Burton site is below:

Chill is an international non-profit intervention program for at-risk inner-city youth, ages 10 – 18. Chill takes these kids snowboarding once a week, for six-weeks, and provides them with everything (transportation, lift tickets, instruction, and gear) they need for this experience. Through the vehicle of snowboarding, Chill gives these kids a chance to earn the confidence that goes along with overcoming obstacles. Chill offers these kids, who typically have not had the opportunity or guidance to develop a strong sense of self, the chance to do so in a structured, safe and fun environment.

In order to establish another chapter, between $28,000 to $35,000 must be raised/donated, a host mountain (w/ lights) must be in close proximity to the city/cities the youth would be coming from, and a base of volunteers must be in place (instructors, chaperons, etc.).

Currently, I've locked down #'s 2 & 3, which isn't surprising! I'm now looking for companies and/or individuals in the CT area who have a history and passion for helping disadvantaged kids. If anyone has any suggestions, knowledge, or even way-out-in-left-field ideas, I'd really appreciate hearing them. I'd especially be interested in hearing from anyone who works for any of the large corporations in the area.

The application process runs Aug-Oct, and Burton, not me, would be contacting any potential donors, but I have to get an information packet together within the next 4 weeks or so to have any real chance of getting this off the ground. If anyone can help or just point me in the right direction, please PM me ASAP, or you may e-mail me at my Epicski Username + hotmail.com

Thanks in advance,


P.S. Here's a link to the Burton site w/ the details of the program:
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Try the New England Ski Museum...they give grants out each March. Some of the grants they gave out last season are for just this type of thing.

Here is the link: http://www.skimuseum.org/scholars.html

Also, contact some of the local areas about donating equipment, instruction, on hill time or all three. You'd be surprised, there are some out there that will do this, especially if they know that their kindness will be recognized in print in the local paper or beyond.
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Do a search for "Community Foundations" their purpose is to manage charitable funds for philanthropic minded individuals who would otherwise not wish to take on the administrative aspects to run scholarship and other programs, or, quite frequently, to pool similarily minded funds of small to modest size to collectively provide a greater benefit.

Collectively they manage a GREAT DEAL of money for the individual in the manner the benefactor chooses. For instance, the local foundation (which was a client, managed a total of 250 million or more) managed 3-4 million for one individual who wanted to remain anonymous until her death. Her criteria was simply to use her fund to benefit people from the town in which her fortune was amassed---anonymously.

Over the years, she helped folks who had lost everything in fires to scholarships for graduating highschoolers.

You might find a source by asking for your closest community foundations catalog of donor's---you won't see names, you will get a good idea of what philanthropic funds might be available in the area you are in.

Actually, this is a great source of private scholarship money that in many cases goes underutilized---because in many cases guidance counselors don't know they exist.

They are NOT automatic money---mind you---they are usually very narrowly defined and administered---but if you fit the profile, your chances can be reasonably good

Here is one foundations website: http://www.berkshiretaconic.org/
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