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Salomon 3V plate

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I found a good price on these skis but they don't have the plate on them. Does the plate make much of a difference? I am big, 6'3" (190) so I thought they might need it. I could just go with their regular 914 binding with the lifter too but I had the impressing that the plate did more that just lift the skier.

Thanks, I getting closer in my continual search for cheap SL skis
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The plate makes a huge difference if you are racing. For free skiing some people actually prefer to not have the plate in order to have the skis weigh less. The plate does make the skis ride a lot smoother, but a regular s914 PE2 binding would accomplish the task well enough for free skiing. Last season salomon actulaly left the plate off the ski for this reason. This season my brother is skiingo n my 3V's from last season and isnt using the poweraxe race plate. He is just using a regular s912 PE2.
Have fun on the skis, they rock for free skiing.
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Hey, do you know of a cheap source for Salomon plates? Actually, any source would be okay too, there aren't any race shops locally.
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They dont have the plates on the site but the shop does carry all of the salomon race equipement. The SL plate is about $160 right now i think... although after the race night it may be back up to $200. They also have an assortment of old hangl and deflex plates as well as possibly the new hangl gs plate... but dont quote me on that one. Also micheal pratte carrys a nice array of salomon equipement. Their site is not up yet as far as i know, but you can go to www.mprattesport.com and get their phone # to give them a call... but you might want to brush up on your french - if i remember the last time i called.
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Unfortunately Pratte is in bankrupcy.
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I had a hunch they werent doing well since i didnt get their catalogue this season. Their site hasnt been up to par recently either. Its a shame because they one of the best shops int he east if youre looking for race equipement.
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