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Ski Resort nicknames

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Some of the nicknames places get are just hilarious.

Skierteach1's latest........Sunday River= Someday Bigger.......was :

We all know Stratton is Flatten. How many others are rolling around out there?
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Purgatory - Traversatory
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A-Basin - The Legend
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When Wachusett first put in the summit lift, 20-some years ago, they had only two trails from the summit (there are five now). As a play on "chu-sett" we used to call it "two-$hit". Now it's just "The Wa".

Always thought that "Killington" should be "Killing-town" for all the gosh darn interections.

I remember skiing Alta once and seeing with a liftie with a Snowbird hat that had been edited to "No-bird".
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Killington- K-Mart
Mt. Snow - Mt. NO
to add a couple more
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Sauze d'Oulx used to be known as 'Susie does it'.

In its heyday, it was popular with people who liked to party.
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Big Mountain = Big Foggy or The Fish
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hate that place

Killington .... Klingontown .... probably a reference to the "in your face" crowd. Read between the lines.
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Val d'Isere: Val Despair
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Wachusett: Wha-cuse-is-it (what use is it)
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Iceface for Whiteface
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Breckenridge= Breckenfridge

Beaver Creek= The Beav'

Telluride= to hell you ride
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Big White: Big Whiteout
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Northstar: Flatstar.
Squaw valley: Squallywood.
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Blue Mt..Blue-ice Mt.


Hunter..Huntah or Brooklyn

Sugarbush North..Glen Ellen
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Hoodoo-The Poo
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So true!!
Do they even wait to get on the lift now? or just fire up in line?

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Timberline (Mt. Hood): Timbie flats
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Park City = Park Shitty
Deer Valley = Bambi Valley, Sneer Valley
The Canyons = Park Waste, The Crayons
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Meribel = MerryHell
La Plagne = La Plague
Brides Les Bains = Bride Lesbians
Tignes = Tig-ness
Les Arcs = Les Arse
les menuires=les menure, gay men-queer
le praz = less spaz
morzine = morphine
les toussiure = les tosser
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here's some from the east:

wachusett=wa wa
berkshire east=beast
wildcat=the 'cat
sugarbush=the 'bush
sugarloaf=the 'loaf
crotched=the crotch
mount washington=the rock pile or big george
tuckerman ravine=tucks or tux
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Summit County, CO resorts
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Originally Posted by paul jones
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Surprised I haven't seen this here yet:

Grand Targhee = Grand Foggy
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forgot about Slowmass
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Crusty Butt (Crested Butte)
The Big Show (courtesy scsa)
Rock Dodge (Red Lodge)
Pig Sty (Big Sky)
I honestly don't know any disparaging words for Bridger Bowl, deservedly.
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Keystone = Tombstone
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