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Moving to Solitude/Alta:long term lodging?

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I plan to relocate to either Alta or Solitude from Rhode Island (technically Utah to Utah as I spent the last year over in Park City). Am looking far any tips on where to live at either for the season. Not looking for high end digs as I will be working for slave wages on the mountain but definately want to live up the canyons. I figure this info is "well guarded" but anything is better than nothing
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I am in a similiar situation. I am planning on moving to the SLC/Sandy area for the season as well. There is a previous thread with some decent info. Let me know when you are moving and if you are looking for possible roommates. As of now I am doing this solo and will be looking for a mtn job or something that will allow me to ski as much as possible.

I am also looking for cheap digs. As of right now I am planning on moving sometime in early/mid november.
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My brother might be moving out there as well. I'll keep ya'll informed if you need roommates...
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Generally, you will have to secure slopeside lodging (if I'm reading your post correctly) well before the season starts, as in last month. The longer you wait, the higher your price will be and the poorer your quality will get. Since both have very limited places to stay, you will be competing with lots of other people that are going to get desperate and be willing to shell out $$$ for the first thing that comes their way. At some point all places will be rented out, long before the 1st snow flies. GET THERE EARLY. After that, it's down in the valley, where there are far more options and at far less price. You can get a place just about any time of the year. In the valley, look for bench locations, near the arterials that head up LCC & BCC, such as off of 9000s & 7200s. That will get you on the road faster, and home too.

Good luck & have fun!

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www.parkrecord.com for the rentals/roomates in Park City.
www.sltrib.co for Alta/ Solitude.
Do not DELEY. The closer the season gets, the options for cheap housing dwindles.
this is more so in Park City. Also in PC most likely you will have at least 2 roommates, so you can afford to live, and have a a few dollors aweek to play with. or live on your own, have 3 jobs just to make rent each month. The prices are crazy there. The party scene can't be beat. Alta/ Solitude, not really any partying going on, cept for when the canyon s are closed and no one can get down or up from the valley.
I used to live in So. SLC at 2300 and state street, paid $500.00 month for a two bedroom, drove to Park City in a short 25 min on a good day, for 15 years.
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bigbadwulf11: Looking to live up the canyons. However, based on above, I might have to hang down at the benches.

jhstroup: see above. If he lands up the canyon and needs a housemate, let me know!

Powdr: I hear you there. Last season in PC, people were rolling into town in early december and finding digs. But there is more stock over there. Because of health issues (recovering from plated collar bone), I am stuck here until early Sept.

tahoetr: I'm not into the long commute gig. Did that for many years in the "white collar" world. If down the valley, I'll be taking the buses. Thanks for the links!

Keep any info coming.
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Thanks for the info guys JH: Keep me informed as to if your brother needs a roomate.

ULLR: Do you already have some type of resort job lined up?? I was going to try and get out there early enough to find a job. Probably at a bar/restaurant/ski shop type gig. I was under the impression there was very litttle housing available up the mountain. I was planning on staying in the Sandy/Cottonwood heights area to save cash on rent. Keep me posted on any jobs/housing you stumble across.
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Now is also the TIME to talk to the resorts about going to work for them. I believ Deer Valley is taking onlne apps as i type. They will soon start thier yearly recruiting trips aroun the USA,as well as to New Zealand, and Austrillia.
Visit each resort website, see what opening they will have. I do know for a fact that Deer Valley will start out a entry level employee a bit higher than the rest of the resorts.
I don't know if they still do it, but all 3 pc resorts have a employee ski benefit. Be sure to ask about it. Also there are way to get passes to the front side resorts.
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Here's the skinny on all 3 pc areas: I moved there last year in may. Online applications for all 3 areas were filled out when they became available (I think mid August or so). I actually made phone calls (all to vm) to follow up. No responses until the local resort job fairs. I went to the DV one (I targeted that mountain because of reputation on how they treat employees and they have full insurance benifits). They knew who I was as soon as I checked in. Even then, the could not commit until the "rehire questioneer" letters return date. Even then, I had to follow up about 3 times. They don't give offers until November (at least for cooking positions). PC resort then called out of desperation. They all wait to see what developes on the foreign worker thing/returning employees in good standing thing. So really Sept to Nov are the real hiring times for new hires.

Ski Benifits: All 3 resorts give the employee a free skiing privaleges at that mountain (not sure if all are full or mid-week though dv is full). Some have black out dates over major holiday times. Each offers a "triple play" any 2 days per week for skiing privaleges at the other 2 resorts. Also in the mix are a certain number of PSAA vouchers good for 1/2 off at any Utah ski area (read alta, etc).

Hope this helps.
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I'll be moving this to the resorts forum but try calling around to the "condo's and other home owners that live on or near the mountain to see if any of them have need of "live in" help. I know when we stayed at the Lund lodge (now the alta chalet) they had a family living there that took care of the place, brought people in and out on cat's did shopping, etc. Most of the work was on weekends (and making runs to town to pick up supplies and groceries for the guests, and to keep the place up during the winter season. The family that was there, the wife was working in the bookeeping dept at Snowbird and the husband was a patroller at Alta. They were required to shovel the decks, and roof. Fix toilets, clean between groups etc It's probably hard work and will require good references to get employment. It probably doesn't pay at all but room would be in exchange for work. Then get a job at one of the resorts to pay for food and other expenses.

I suspect you will need to get a foot in the door to get a place like this but if you have good references and good work ethics you might be able to swing something like this.
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Roger that, dchan
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