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Way To Go George!

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George Hincapie won his first stage after riding support in le Tour for Lance for, I think, this is the seventh time. He's a fairly big guy, not know as a climber, but he out climbed the entire peleton today.
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The last two days have been awesome racing. It was great to see Hincapie get the glory after blowing his brains out in a support role on dozens of mountain stages.

Johan Bruyneel the Discovery team manager summed it up today while referring to the criticism the team took for disappearing yesterday. 'Today we kept yellow, protected the white jersey and won the stage. Not bad for a [/i]weak[i] team.'
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Hincapie is insane. What was he thinking? Curious George rides a bike. He surprised me in Dauphiné prologue but now he takes the queen stage of TdF? Amazing! What a ride!
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I was shocked by how much energy George had for the final sprint. I have no idea where he got it from. Yesterday's winner (on an easier course) couldn't even stand at the end.
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If you watched the whole race it was all tactics. George went out with the lead group but sat on the back of the breakaway for most of the ride. His role was to be ready to drop back and help Lance or stop any major attacks by any GC riders. As they got closer and the GC riders started droping off, Lance and the team manager told George that they were sure Lance would not need help answering all the attacks and to go ahead and race for the finish. He did a great job of reading the lead out group and just did a great job of riding a fantastic race.

Go Discovery!!
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I didn't watch the stage but from Today's Cyclingnews.com It sounded like George was basically able to "sit on" for much of the break, and therefore had the gas to take it at the finish.
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