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Volkl 6* vs ALL STAR??

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HAS anyone skied both of these skis? And, Can you decribe the differences? I own ax3's and 724 pro's. I want to own 2 ski's a powder/crud ski and a groomer ski. Is the allstar that much more versitile than 6*? All imput appreciated!
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I have not skied the Allstar, but even Volkl is claiming that it " is slightly wider than the former 6 Star, giving more stability and even a bit more versatility." I bet that it is a great ski (like the 6 star). Remember, the 6* is an extremely stable ski! They are probably very similar, with a few changes to keep the publics appitite wet.
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I've skied both of them.

I am a 6 Star owner and think they are great, but I'm a bigger dude and didn't have any trouble flexing them. I can accept what some lighter skiers said - that they found the flex a little unforgiving.

The Allstar seems to have rectified that complaint. It does everything the 6 Star does, but with less effort.

The Motion iPT is very cool.
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This subject has been discussed in older threads. I have skied the 6 and plan to buy the All Star this year. With that in mind, I had saved what some other people had said, for my own reference. These are all from various previous posters --

I skied the AllStar at the end of the season and had a ball. IMO it's a much more versatile ski than the 6. The sweet spot is a bit larger and the extra width allows you to power through the crud and heavy stuff without any work. The 6 to me always felt a bit more like a slalom ski and I felt like I had to stay on top of it. The AllStar let me relax a bit, but I could still hammer the high speeds and get great response. (can you tell I liked it?!)


I skied the new Allstar 2 weeks ago. It is softer than the 6 star and 2mm wider. The new iPT binding system is great and really does allow the ski to ski smoother. This ski was great on hard pack and in soft snow conditions. Here is a to some statistics and pic about the Volkl Allstar.

The Allstar is much more versital than the 6 star was and will be a big hit for 2006.

The Allstar is a bit softer and wider 6 star. It performs much better in mixed snow conditions, better edge to edge in terms of slow and is just as snappy as the 6. Much better ski overall than the 6 in my mind.


I plan to buy a pair of Allstars next year. I plan to buy them as a replacement for my P60 SCs, as they are almost as good of a slalom ski, but better everywhere else (and I like the P60s on the rest of the mountain, these are just better). The AC4 I felt like I could use as an all-mountain all the time ski, but I already have plenty of other skis in the quiver. The AC3 was a lot of fun, really racy, but I thought it was too skinny for skiing in the woods.

The AC4 and the Alsstar seemed like very different skis to me. The Allstar wants or maybe needs to be turning all the time, the AC4 doesn't care what you do with it, but it will make whatever turn you want.

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Thanks HEELS! I currently own ax3's and pro's I think I may buy the all stars and then get a powder ski.And seel both the pro and ax3.Pro is really a hard snow ski no need for it and all stars.
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