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When the going gets weird

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It's Wednesday afternoon and I'm roughly two months post acl-recon.

I get a call from home about some smoke in the canyon. I'm there 10 minutes later and it looks like my house is about to be engulfed. Send my wife and kids away to a friends house and start to gimp around loading the car with all of the important stuff I can think of. Now for the weird part - can't see to leave, don't want to. There was something about the smoke and flames that I found mesmerizing - probably best not to analyze that. Wife keeps calling, reminding me I can't run if I need to. Helicopters over head, cruisers in the neighborhood instructing everyone to evacuate. I stay (as did many others). Yep, a gimp with his garden hose.

The good news is the fire laid down right at our property line. The fire fighters did a great job, not a single house was lost.

Felt pretty beat up yesterday but today is a new day. I'm off to PT hoping for 140+ flexion.
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I worked around Wildfires and they are something to behold. It's like they are alive creating their own weather. Glad to here your home and family are safe. You did get the ski gear out right.;-) Where are you located in Cali.?
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I live in Rancho PV. The wind was pretty crazy, definitely influenced by the fire. Fortunately for us when the blaze was close the wind seemed to push it back.
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Wow! bobski, I'm glad that you and yours are safe.
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Glad to hear your house was spared and you and your family are okay, bobski. We've had two close calls from wildfires, and I remember sitting on the front porch with the garden hose, which gave me the same level of confidence as aiming a beebee gun against a grizzly. Luckily, the wind changed.
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