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I have not had my foot in the Hot Rod. I think it is aimed at being very similar to the Doberman. I heard something along the lines of "the comfort of the Beast with the performance of the Doberman". I plan on skiing in it this winter.

I think the bulk of the grinding in the pro is to the lateral side (outside) of the foot although that is just a guess. I could have used a little more room around the outside near my little toe, however, I never bothered to do it.

I don't think there was any difference in terms of warmth. A five degree day is a five degree day. In actuality my feet rarely get cold. I apply an anti perspirant in the locker room to my feet, change to a dry sock, make certain to dry my boots daily.
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Mom- I have very low volume, narrow feet and ski in the Raichle Flexon Comp's (no longer available in the US). Extensive boot work and footbeds done by Jeff Bergeron and some additional balancing by Bud Heishman at last year's EpicSki Academy. I'm going back to Jeff this week for some work on my new AT boots.

I would certainly recommend a visit to Jeff in Breckenridge. I would also suggest that you look at the Dalbello Kryptons, the successor to the Flexon. Several people here who were confirmed Flexon skiers think they are great.

If your shells are in good shape and you want to think about new liners, look at the Intuitions or Thermoflex liners- they are the thermo-moulded liners that came in the Flexons, but are available as aftermarket liners. They are very, very light, very, very warm, and unbelievably comfortable. They will probably run about $170 (including heat moulding). I know that Precision Ski in Frisco carries them.
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14 year old, Female Racer boots

Hi Jeff,

My daughter is 14. A second year J3. 112lbs. Agressive and one of the strongest kids in her race club. She has a very narrow foot. The Lange Comp 100 Jr boot is a bit too wide for her, although she seems to be able to flex it pretty well right out of the box.

1) Due to the need to get a better fit we were looking at the Rossi R2005 in the Soft/Soft plug boot. It sounds like this boot can be fitted, but do you believe it can be softened enough in the flex?


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