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Epitome of Hypocracy

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In a recent article from First Tracks www.firsttracksonline.com (sorry can't get the link to the actual article to work), Alex Cushing, owner of Squaw Valley states:

“It is my feeling that all the really attractive places in the world will become less attractive, because of the out-of-control growth in population, which could overwhelm them,” explained Alex Cushing, Founder and Chairman of Squaw Valley Ski Corp. “This is why there will be no further development for an indefinite period, except for environmental projects. Our emphasis, will, instead, be in beautifying what we have.”

This coming from one of the WORST offenders of environmental transgressions in the business. Recall he ripped out forrests to put in the Silverado lift, without proper permission (got fined), bulldozed alpine meadows and wet lands to creat abominations of buildings around his ugly resort. The nerve of the guy to now claim he is sensitive to environmental issues.

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This may be double talk to disguise forced clean-up measures or not to undertake expensive ski operations improvements. Although I see that an updating of the Squaw tram is planned. How old is it compared to the Jackson Hole tram? Wonder how many other old trams and gondolas out there are getting life extensions rather than termination like the JH tram?
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The JH tram thing is just a ploy by the owners to get $$$ from the state to help build a new one. There are many older lifts in the EU that are still operational and safe.
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Spelling police say, worst job at spelling "hypocrisy" ever!

Forum police say, take this to the lounge!
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Why should it be taken to the Lounge? It seems relevant to snow talk.
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In this case it's probably hypeocrisy.
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Originally Posted by xdog1
Spelling police say, worst job at spelling "hypocrisy" ever!

Forum police say, take this to the lounge!
I could claim it was a clever attempt at 'crass' humor, but I won't
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