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Take the Health Quiz

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Take the Health QuizTry your hand at these health questions and see where you stand when it comes to fitness. Answer each statement true or false.

1. Optimism builds your immune system.
2. Using an antiperspirant on your feet prevents blisters.
3. Twenty-five percent of U.S. adults own exercise equipment.
4. People who go to bed early and rise early are often stable emotionally.
5. Ground meat is safe to use two days after its sell-by date.
6. Paint or wallpaper a nursery at least one month before a baby's due date.
7. A kitchen sponge harbors millions of bacteria.
8. Tai chi reduces blood pressure.
9. Aerobic exercise helps reduce the fatigue caused by cancer treatments.
10. Temperament contributes to high blood pressure.
11. Women tend to suffer more brain damage from strokes than men.
12. Avoid the sun if you take St. John's wort.
13. Aerobic exercise aggravates caffeine-induced anxiety.
14. Avoid wearing white when you work at a computer.
15. E. coli bacteria are often found on public-restroom changing tables.


1. True. In one study, optimistic people had more T cells and killer cells to combat infection than did pessimists.
2. True. Antiperspirant keeps the skin dry. Moisture and friction cause blisters.
3. False. Fifty percent own exercise equipment, but only 15 percent of them use the machines.
4. True. And they have more consistent sleep habits.
5. True. Beef and pork are safe to cook five days after their sell-by dates; poultry and seafood, one or two days.
6. True. This ensures that all chemicals from the paint or wallpaper have dissipated from the air by the time the baby arrives.
7. True. Soaking a sponge in bleach and warm water five minutes every day will kill the bacteria.
8. True. In one 12-week study, people who did Tai Chi reduced their blood pressure by 7 points. Walking and low-impact aerobics reduced pressure an average of 8.4 points.
9. True. Exercise helped reduce fatigue and raise self-esteem, one study found.
10. False. Nervous or tense people aren't at any higher risk of the condition than relaxed people.
11. False. Women usually have less damage than men. Estrogen may protect brain tissue.
12. True. Sun exposure while taking St. John's wort may cause temporary nerve damage, one study found. Get out of the sun if you experience stinging on exposed skin.
13. False. Riding a stationary bike for an hour reduced caffeine-induced anxiety, one study found. Any aerobic exercise helps.
14. True. White causes a reflective glare on the computer monitor, which can cause eyestrain.
15. True. Use a disinfectant wipe on the table and lay down paper towels before changing a diaper.
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16. The second mouse gets the cheese.

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Re: #8 -- But their skiing suffers.
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