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left brain/right brain

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I am the Master!
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I did it, but MAN did I have to think about it!
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Master! As long as you read the directions it is easy. First instinct without reading the directions would be to do it exactly opposite.
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I got Master but I cheated. I used the text and picked the wrong answer each time. It would be a better test if in some cases the text matched the color and it others it didn't.

Anyone remember where the personality test where you sort the colors is? Got a link?
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Got anything more difficult?
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The test is geared toward kids, young kids, very young kids.
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I got a perfect score.

....after 185 tries.
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Damn Weems, you beat me!
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Yeah, but my brains fell out and now they're all over the floor.
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I flunked the test but I'm not worried because everyone knows real men never read the instructions.
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