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Ski Sports Video Games

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This is kind of an off-the-wall post but does anyone in here know of any Ski themed Console Games for Sony or X-Box? I know they have a bunch for boarding but I am not sure if there are any Ski specific themes.

SSX2 is a cool looking game with some outstanding digital mountain scenery but it is strictly boarding. Not that it would probably make a diference if the riders were depicted on skis as the physics is pretty preposterous anyways. It's a fun game though if you are bored and have a few minutes to fool around in the evening.

I am just curious if there ever was or is a ski specific game out there.
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There is a Jonny Mosely one for PS2.
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Someone posted a link in the last year or so here to a world cup skiing game that was developed for one of the game consoles, that could be downloaded and played on a regular PC too. Search and you shall find ...

My kids were hooked on it for a while and for me it was a lot of fun (if slightly nauseating) to watch. Pretty good graphics, you could select skis (atomic, fischer, etc.), and courses. Kitzbuehl (sp?) was pretty cool...
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Here you go: http://forums.epicski.com/showthread...highlight=xbox. The game I remembered was "ski racing 2005", link is in that thread.
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They are making an ssx 4, actually called SSX: On Tour, that will feature skiers in addition to snowboarders. It's for ps2 and xbox, looks pretty sick.


Make sure you watch the trailer, great sense of speed on skis. Looks better than my World Cup 2005 with Herman Maier demo...
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Wow, at last EA sports has realized that we skiers like to cross too!!!!
Can't wait until fall!
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Originally Posted by Nobody

Well it looks like EA has tweaking to do. Turns are generally made on the outside ski...
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