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Miracles do happen

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I have stated on this forum before how I have not skied in 8 years and that my favorite ski of all time was the RD Coyote Soft in a 195 cm. Best bump ski for me ever. But they stopped making the ski in 1988 and so I began the demo process. Today I was out driving the ski shop salesman nuts with all my questions, going from place to place seeing who had what on sale and Lo an Behold, sitting in the far corner of the rack behind some other skis is a pair of RD Coyote Softs in 190 cm for $48!!!!! Never used/no bindings ever mounted!! Needless to say I bought them. (5 cm should not make too much of a dif) Now I can spend all next year skiing the bumps and demoing some of the new stuff for comparison. Great Day!!!
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funny how life sometimes works out that way!

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yup sure is purple, and about those new skis, shorties are fun but the wedeln still rules!
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