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I tried to bump a thread Phil P posted many months ago that was titled "Posting 101" It was a humerous look at new member etiquette. In his thread, the link no longer works.

I recall another version posted some months later by another member.

I've also posted, more than once, that searching for threads pertaining to the new persons question of the hour is the best way to narrow your real questions.

To my surprise, embarrasment and chagrin, the search function in this "new" incarnation of the board does not yield the results I expected.

I tried searching for "posting 101" or similar for the past 10 minutes without any luck at all.

I guess we had all better stop reminding the new folks to search first and ask later!! : Well, at least I have to---until I figure out the search features a bit better.
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Hum ... I did a search by threads on all forums using the single keyword "posting" and it popped up as the second hit, right after this thread. I'm not sure why it didn't work for you. In any case, here it is:


To respond to your main point, there are subtlties to searching using all search engines and often, I too can't find something that I know exists. I think that the main problem is that there is an expectation that it will only take one search to find what you are looking for. In actuality, you usually have to use the results from earlier searches to make subsequent searches more productive.

One obvious example is narrowing or broadening searches because of too many or too few hits. After I found the thread you were looking for, I tried searching for it using the keyword, "101". This wasn't anywhere near as efficient at locating the desired material.

A second example is using search terms that may not be what you might first expect. Suppose you are searching the web for a sale on Volkl Explosivs. Your first thought might be to use the terms: "sale" and "Explosivs". That won't be very good because most advertisements probably use "Explosiv", not the plural. However, many web pages that are actually ads don't use the word "sale", so a search using "price", "quantity" and "Explosiv" might turn up many more useful hits as these are terms often found on web-ads.

There are many more examples of this, but I think you get the idea. Maybe we need a FAQ on searching.


Tom / PM

PS (in edit) - I now see why the desired thread showed up so quickly when I did my search ... it had been bumped just today. Anyway, my general comments still hold.
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Note that you might get into Patriot Act trouble if you do searches on "explosive sale".
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Shouldn't this thread be in the community and site announcements forum?
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Let's put it in the humor forum, kiwiski, this is getting funny.
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Originally Posted by kiwiski
Shouldn't this thread be in the community and site announcements forum?
I dunno---let me do a search and find out!!:
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Originally Posted by Bonni
Let's put it in the humor forum, kiwiski, this is getting funny.
HIJACK: If you think this is good try the ski.com.au forum. The administrators there are really conservative and will delete any thread if you send them a pm and say you find it offensive. There is quite a bit of fishing going on there, and when someone takes the bait they get reported and the thread deleted. Great fun!
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