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Anybody know anything about those helmets that have the headphones built into them?
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Several of the Giro range have what they call "Tuneups" which are their headphones. Not sure about other brands.
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I use a Giro Fuse with Tune Ups replacement ear pads. The sound quality is good although volume appears lower at same levels than using earphones which I put down to the impedance of the speaker being driven. My only negative is there is less 'give' in the earpads than the ones without speakers in them (the speakers themselves are hard and talk up volume in the pad) and as a result I sometimes get a sore ear after a long day. (one ear is bigger than the other one I guess  )

The mute button works ok with gloves on and I just clip it to my jacket collar. Strangley the jack point is on the right hand side ear pad and my jacket's iPod pocket and cable ducts are in the left side.


I had resisted the ski with music thing for years but when you are skiing alone it really is a nice option to have, especially if you can match slope selection with music tempo. My early attempts to listen to 120bpm+ dance music resulted in skiing at inappropriate speeds for the location. People look at you if you sing too.

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