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S900 stoppers on G41

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Have anybody tried to bend out the brakes on Salomon S900 Alu to fit on Volk G41? Is there a problem that the brakes will get stuck in the snow if you carv to much? Do you have to buy the "dragon brake" from Marker to get satisfied? If you have tried this combination please respond!
Pray for early snow...

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I had this problem when I tried to put s900's on xxx's. I bought bigger breaks from salamon and they worked pretty good. I never noticed a problem but I must have dragged them sometimes cause they got a little bent. The main problem was that they were back ordered and it took me 4 months to get them.

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I have the G41/S900 combo. I was going to just bend the brake, but was strongly discouraged from doing so. I have the wide brake now, although it took a few weeks to back order. It's probably safest to just get a wider brake, then you don't have to worry about it. Just give yourself plenty of lead time for the order to come in.
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I've thrown this out there befor but I am the recent buyer of some G41's and have not picked up any bindings for these yet. I am a big fan of Rossignol axials (just like the Looks) and wonder if the axial "freeride" binding by Rossi actually has wider brakes. From the way it is marketed it seems that this brake was made for their upper Bandit series skis (XX, XXX)--does anyone know about these bindings and their suitability for mounting on fatties??
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I'm still waiting for my fat brakes to come in - since April for my Axial 120 for my Mountain Xs 78mm at boot. Some day before the snow flies. The shop recommended to get the fatter brakes rather than bend.
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I have the S900's on both my G-40 and my G-41's. Have bent the brakes out on both and skied the G-40 for the last two years. I bought a pair of the wide Salomon Brakes but they are too wide for the G-40/41s. I put them on my 10.ex where they still hang out a little bit far, but no problem with them hitting on the 10.ex.

The G-40 is about 3mm narrower (80) than the new G-41 (83) at the waist. Not the best solution but the wide Salomon brakes were 85 to 95 and just too wide.

I think that Salamon is coming out with a choice of a wider brake choice on the binding when you get them as original equipment this year. I think the wide brake on the S912 Ti is going to be 85mm which may be a little more workable. Shop I talked with said that they were ordering S912's in both brake sizes for this year.

Seemed like Salamon needed a medium size brake for skis like the G-41 etc.

I hope they do better this year and are more accomidating of the superhero free ride skis.

Jim from Idaho
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