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Ski pal's best moments

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In mid April, Ryan and I were skiing some perfect corn in some steep trees. Ryan was leading us at a pretty good clip. We came out of a dense stand, and there was a big dirt patch directly below us and to the left was a big fallen tree, with it's root end slightly above the last tree we were turning around. Without missing a beat, Ryan carved a turn that kept going uphill enough to just clear the roots and float into the next line. 3 months later I can still see it perfectly.
If you make a great turn in the forest and nobody sees.... well I'm glad I saw that one!
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Yeah, but does Ryan visualize that run in his spare time or the Red Sox's winning the series?
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Friend of mine came over an edge onto a steep, off-piste, as I was watching, and saw slight bumps in the snow ahead that could be rocks under the surface - he instantly turned a very slight bump he was on into a jump and cleared about 20 yards, just skiing on fluently after landing. Lovely.
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Be honest Ryan hit the tree and knocked it over, this is just a cover up isn't it?
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