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Ski Advice, 1080s?

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Looking for some input on new skis. I'm 5'11" 145. Agressive upper intermediate/avanced. Ski mostly bumps, certainly not zipper line but trying. Also love skiing trees. So the number one priorty is a ski that's good in the bumps but I'd also like something that performs well in powder and glades. Without geting greedy, I'd also like a ski with good carving ability, but that is the least important aspect to me. I'm thinking a soft mid fat twin tip would make since for the bumps as well as powder, though I don't do any park stuff. I like what I've read about the 1080s, but would this be the best ski with moguls as my number one priority and powder/trees second? Another concern is I've read they break down pretty fast. I'm on a tight budget so I don't wanna be buying a new pair of sticks every year. I'd like to demo some skis, but it seems like the best prices are found now, not in December when I could demo. So right now skis I'm considering:
Fisher Big Stix 8.0
Rossi B2 Bandit
Volkl V Pro
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In case you opt for the 1080s go with the stiffer Candide Labs instead of the regular ones.
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Try to demo the Dynastar 4800. I am close to your size and skill (5'9.5", and 145 lbs.), and I have added it to my quiver. I am only so-so skiing moguls, but the 4800 is best ski I have found for them. With a 75mm waist, it is not too wide to limit maneuverability, and the soft tip makes it move easy in the bumps. It is also light, so it doesn't wear you out and it is damp enough so you don't get toss around too much. For the glades, it is very quick turning which is very nice. On the grooms, it is only OK, not really stiff enough. For powder, it really should to be fatter, but it can work. But it is really at home in the bumps.
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1080s reply

Ill start off by saying this is my first post/reply. I am 23 years old, male, agressive, 6'0 tall 175lbs. My priorities when skiing is 1. bumps 2. trees/powder 3. carving it up to get to the next bump/tree run.

I skied the teneighty since it first came out (blue ones) and last year switched to the new silver one. A lot of people will tell you its not stiff enough, but this ski is so much fun and does everything I have wanted it to. The only thing it does not like to do is carve on very steep very hard runs. But if it is only steep or only hard I think it hold up fine. I would recommend the ski highly for what you want it for.

Also the earlier poster mentioned weight, the 1080 is about half the weight of the 4800 fwiw. As far as lenght I bought the 171 and wish I bought the 181. But all the skiis made for their respective categories are so good, youll surely have fun on whatever you buy. Thanks for helping me get my summer fix

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Welcome to EpicSki.
Nice first post!! I belive every word you said.
Could you elaborate on why you wsh you had gone with the 181CM Ski?

And Link to the 2005 1080 (Cheap)?
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I skied Arizona Skibowl years ago when my friend was running the ski school. From what I remember the area had lots of steep runs with moguls, steep tree skiing along with dramatic free/thaws causing the runs to be hard ice in the morning and sloppy in the afternoon. The 1080 would be a great fit except for the icy conditions. They are a blast in moguls, quick in trees and good on in slush. Their ice performance is lagging but not any worse than the V-Pros. Something like the B2 would have better all-around performance but aren't as fun to ski.
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181 length

The lenght I think may be more a feel thing. The blue ones I had were in a 177 and when I now ski the 171's I feel like I am falling over the tip and feel unstable when carving on groomed runs at any speed, but especially when i am carving on groomed runs full of crud. I dont tend to notice when im in the trees or bumps though so take it for whats its worth.

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Considering the twin tip and the reduced running edge a 181 definitely isn't too short. The stiffer Candide Labs are a better all-mountain option which resolve the edgehold issue on harder conditions.
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Thanks to everyone for your input. I think I'm sold on the 1080s now. Though hopefully I'll be able to hold off on buying them till I get a chance to demo them. Yep Rio, the freeze/thaw at AZ Snowbowl can be bad, but things usually loosen up pretty quick thanks to the intense sun exposure. Of course this past season that wasn't much of an issue due the record snow. Sub par carving ability seems like an ok sacrafice to make for all the other postive attributes the ski seems to have. I've heard the the 1080 skis "short." Any thoughts on this? Well I'm ready for winter now, just need to drop 60 degrees or so. :
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i have 1080s
im 178cm (5'10"ish) and 85kgs (185lbs?)
first impression was "omg why the hell am i getting thrown?". it seems that im catching the tail when im turning, but i worked thru that problem and found them to do some quite nice turns. however, once the conditions got icy im like "sh*t". it's too soft and edge hold isnt exactly GS material. however i still like the feel of them when the conditions are better, can do tricks if u'r into them, and are quite light. i find them, overall, fun and it makes u feel good (i love the graphics as well.) im definately keeping them, but im looking for a race ski next. speedmachine 14 anyone?
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Are the Candide/CR Lab pro models actually stiffer/beefier? I've read they are identical to 1080's except for the topsheet, and that is why Candide left Salomon this season (he was disappointed with how his Pro model turned out). If that's the case, I'd get the CR just because it looks cooler
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Ok, so I think I found a great deal on the 1080s but now I'm wondering what length to go with. 171 or 181? Like I said I'm 5'11 and 145. Right now I'm on 177 length. Any suggestions? I'm leaning towards 181 cause I've heard they ski short. But 171 might be more advantagous in the bumps. Any thoughts, please?
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They ski short indeed, go with the 181.

Edit: I'm 5'10", got the 181s too.
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im 5'11" and im on 171
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