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Boot Sizing?

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I am confused as to exactly how Lange boots are measured. (And most other boots for that matter). I understand that shell sizes are only specific to whole shoe sizes; both 11 and 11.5 use the same shell, and 12 and 12.5 both use a different shell. However, how are the liners different between these two sizes?

Different sales reps have told me different things. One said that the liners are simply padded to different size feet; shaped more or less to compensate within the shell. The other said that there is absolutly no difference, they are the same size -- Essentialy, lange makes no 11.5 boot, as it is identical to the 11.

I tend to believe the second rep. The liners on my boots are marked as "11-11.5." No where does is specify a more precise measurment.

Any comments?
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Well i can tell you my Lang V9 boots size 25 use a shell that says 25.5 but the liner says 25.0 on it. So it is a differnt liner from the 25.5 boot.
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I just bought new boots and was told the size -thickness of the footbed was the only differance as the boot manufacture could not or would not make all the 1/2 sizes also it would be too much inventory to carry for shops ect.the boots are so adjustable with all the custom bootfitters that they can be made to fit just about everybody.hope it snows
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Very good, however a slight correction.

Actually it's called the foot board or boot board and it's located under the liner. This is different thickness's depending on if it's a .0 or .5. the last or shell is identical..

The liners depending on the mfg may be different however if you ever saw how much space they really leave in the toe area that can be "streched" in the liner you would think that it doesn't mean much either. At our Masterfit U session we got to see a boot that was cut off (just the foot bed area) and then the liner that came out of the same boot. the whole bed of the liner slides back and forth in the bed of the shell about 1/4-1/2"! The footbed is the part we tell you to toss and get a custom one made.
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Another fact about boot size is the numbers given such as 28 are added together to convert to US numbers. 28 = 2+8 = 10
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