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Here's a police report from Sisters,Or. Some are kind of funny.

• A woman reported an unusual incident while showing a hot tub for sale. The prospective buyer asked to get in the tub, which she okayed. He disrobed right then and there, which she did not.

The woman wanted the incident logged, but did not want the stripper contacted. Apparently it was just a small matter.

• A man got irate when he went to claim his lottery winnings and found out that he was actually not a winner. He ended up getting $1, but would not surrender the ticket.

A deputy obtained it later without incident when the man had calmed down.

• A deputy cited a driver for expired registration and no proof of insurance after stopping him for tailgating a semi-truck.

• A citizen reported a woman lying on the shoulder of the road. A deputy contacted a female hitchhiker — for the fourth time that day.:

• No one was hurt in a single-vehicle rollover on Three Creek Road about nine miles south of Sisters.

• A deputy dispatched a deer injured by a vehicle after a cyclist found the deer in bad shape by a roadside.

Black Butte Ranch Police

• An officer contacted the driver of a parked vehicle who had been littering. The contact led to an arrest for possession of a controlled substance.

Information in “Sisters sheriff’s calls” is taken from log entries and reports of the Deschutes County Sheriff’s Office and BBR Police.
Sisters sheriff’s calls...
6/21/2005• A Sisters resident shot and killed a dog after the dog came onto his deck and attacked and killed his cat.

• Several drunk teens were cited for trespass and MIP after climbing into the rafters of the new Sisters Library “to watch the sun rise.” There was no damage to the building, which is under construction.:

• A man smacked another at a job site, launching a fourth-degree assault investigation.

Black Butte Ranch Police

• A driver had her windshield broken by tree branches that flew off the back of a truck. A BBR officer contacted her; she was uninjured but shaken up.

Information in “Sisters sheriff’s calls” is taken from log entries and reports of the Deschutes County Sheriff’s Office and Black Butte Ranch Police Department.
Sisters sheriff’s calls...
5/31/2005• A deputy responded to a report of a child with a handgun at Sisters Elementary School. It turned out to be a toy gun and the situation was handled without law enforcement.

• A woman was cited after she caused a four-vehicle car wreck in front of Ray’s Food Place.:

• A fist fight between juveniles was reported after one kid refused to tell who punched him in the nose.

• A man displayed a handgun in a road rage incident. The matter was referred to the DA.

• A drunk driver — on a bicycle — ran into a car, then fled the scene. He was arrested for DUII and hit-and-run.

• Two men were reportedly spotted putting a road-killed deer in their trunk (for a snack?). A deputy hunted for the men, but they were nowhere to be found.

Information in “Sisters sheriff’s calls” is taken from log entries of the Deschutes County Sheriff’s Office.
Sisters sheriff’s calls...
5/17/2005A motorist reported her vehicle was hit by a paintball.

• A citizen reported a peacock attempting to cross the road. Why?

• A resident reported that anglers were sneaking onto his property to fish in his pond.

• Deputies arrested a man on a warrant without incident — and also took a combative 14-year-old runaway into custody.

• Residents of Panoramic Estates reported seeing a cougar in the area.

Black Butte Ranch Police

• A woman reported that her husband had stopped their car on the highway during an argument and had walked off into the woods. He had not returned. An officer responded, as well as a deputy. While they were talking to the woman, the husband showed up, none the worse for wear.

The couple made up.

Sisters sheriff’s calls...
5/10/2005• A deputy responded to a vehicle accident at Fryrear Road and Highway 20 — a common spot for such things.

• Lightning and crashing thunder scared a boy who was home alone while his mom went grocery shopping. A deputy responded and made sure the kid was okay.

• A woman called the sheriff’s office because she didn’t want her husband in the house after he’d been out all night partying. The man decided to sleep on the porch.:

Black Butte Ranch Police

• A man returned to his rental cabin from a round of golf — and found the couch missing. Nothing else.

An employee of the Ranch was able to determine that there were no couch burglars on the Ranch; the cabin owners had had the couch removed.

• Officers assisted a couple of motorists who hit deer in separate incidents.

• A vehicle tried to run a security gate with predictable results. The driver is liable for paying to replace the broken gate arm... again.: