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Atomic 2005/2006 site up and running

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This is the link: http://www.atomicsnow.com/0506/index2.php

One more thing: choose the html version. The flash version works for Austria only. At first glance it is like the old websites and this is not good. But i may be wrong.
I wanted to let everyone know about the new website even if probably some of you already know about it
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Anyone have dimension (sidecut) info for the Chugach ski in the RT collection?

Ah, nevermind: 98/69/88
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Atomic Site


Thanks for the heads up on the 05-06 site!

By the way the Flash version works fine for me.
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Flash: Just say NO!
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OK, once again, the Atomic site lacks info I am looking for. I am trying to compare 3 Atomic skis in 170. The GS9, the LT11, and the SX:10. Their radiuses (radi?) are all pretty close (15-16.5mm), but I really can't surmise which one has stiffer flex, or which one is more versatile. How does their weight compare? Is there much between them or not? Any knowledgeable Atomic skiers out there?
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the GS9, although a small amount of metal was added last year, is defintely a notch below the others in terms of performance. the LT11 uses the production race lay-up and is a bit softer than previous models using this construction because the metal layers themselves are 1/3 thinner (there are still two layers of titinal and the mag. power channels). bottom line: GS9 : has a speed limit and with it's glass/foam/carbon lay-up ,doesn't have that damp race feel. LT11: is a great all-mtn. ski with a GS feel, similar to SX11, moderate to high speeds with awesome edge grip. SX10: the last time i was on a similar ski was when we first introduced the SX9 and i liked that ski but the SX10 blew my mind! hands down, the SX10 would be my ski of choice out of those three models. way easier short swing, slower speed turns with stability that reaches all but the very maximum limit of the LT (or race) lay-up. damp enough with a nimble, light feel that you won't get from a ski loaded with metal. this will be my work ski next year.
let me know if you have questions about anything specific,
mark bettencourt
atomic race east
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That is exactly the detailed info I was looking for.

Thanks a bunch.
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Originally Posted by ssh
Flash: Just say NO!
someone's been getting frustrated?
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