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Season pass printer?

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Do ski resorts use generic ID card printers to make their season passes, or are there machines that are specialized for ski season passes?
To me, it seems like an ID card printer would be more than enough, and that there really wouldn't be a need (or a market) for a ski-season-pass-specific machine, but I have an acquaintance who thinks otherwise and is asking around for such info. He's in Korea and is looking at whether importing such machines would be profitable.
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I can only speak for my resort and from my knowledge of computers and business. My resort uses a non-ski specific ID card printer. There are no ski industry specific requirements for an id card printer that are unique that I know of. Features to combat counterfeiting include sealing the id inside a plastic cover, holograms, serialization, and bar codes. Because of the increased focus on security, most people making id cards for businesses/government need the same features that are needed to deter counterfeiting in the services/event business. There is a great need for these machines as long as you don't limit your market.

Features that would help an ID printer stand out would include:
support for embedded RFID/multiple "reading/broadcasting" technologies
support for smartcard technology (e.g. to let people buy stuff with their id/put cash on their id card, store personal information)
higher resolution printing
lower cost inks
ability to print on lower cost or higher quality (/more secure) materials
faster printing
anti-theft features for the printer (e.g. laptop type locking port)
lower cost for the printer
higher reliability

The name of the game for this market is "application". The design of the solution to the problem is the primary driver of what hardware is chosen to support the "application". Although having a better product at a better price will help one become successful, this alone will not guarantee success in this market. Having an industry specific market focus makes sense from the application side, but not from the hardware side.
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