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Silly Laws

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As seen on msn.com(http://encarta.msn.com/encnet/Featur...=mattress_tags):

"It's ridiculously easy to make fun of dumb laws and warning labels. Take these little gems:
  • In France, you can't name a pig Napoleon.
  • In Alaska, thou shalt not push a live moose from an airplane.
  • In Chico, California, you will be fined $500 for detonating a nuclear device.
Napoleon is dead, anyone who pushes a moose from a plane deserves whatever happens, and there will be no one to collect that $500 fine if someone drops a bomb on Chico."

and the article continues.
Here is a link to other silly laws: http://www.main.com/~anns/other/humor/sillylaws.html
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The fine for bombing Chico should be much higher. I don't know what I would do without my Sierra Nevada Pale Ale in the summer.
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In Bellingham, WA it is illegal to bring a slingshot to a band concert.

Also, after looking over the long list at the web site I noticed that it's illegal to take more than two baths a month in Boston. We seem to have several Bears in Boston. I trust that they are law abiding citizens. It must really be something when going to a Red Sox game in Bean Town. An olfactory night terror.
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CT still has a law on the books that when you cross a RR Track you must leave the vehicle....walk across the track with your lantern....waive it....return to your transportation and proceed if clear.

NV---Last I knew attemped suicide was punishable by a death sentence.
I always wondered if after the sentence was carried out---If they would continue to try you over and over again !
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