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Queenstown or Christchurch

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Gday guys,
Im heading to New Zealand in a couple of weeks, and Im trying to decide on paying 350 (aussie) dollars more and flying into Queenstown or going cheap and flying to Christchurch and busing or driving down. How long is the drive. I dont mind a road trip but I'm worried i could get stuck in a storm and have to drive at twenty km/h with my chains on for 7 hours. Is it worth the saving.

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It is a 6-7 hour drive, but it's at low altitude east of the mountains, very unlikely to see much snow on the road.
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Do the Drive. Lake Tekapo is about 1/2 way. Worth an overnight stay. Mt Cook & Mt Ross near by. Be a shame to miss out on that part of NZ.
About 300 miles between Christchurch - Queenstown. Do the Skyline when in Queenstown, good food!
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I live in Christchurch New Zealand and there has not been too much
snow falling lately but Queenstown has slightly better snow cover
than my local ski fields. Queenstown Airport has had quite a few closeures
due to fog so you may have to drive anyway. Take the inland scenic route
HWY 72 Christchurch - Geraldine - Fairlie- Tekapo - Twizal - Omarama - Cromwell - Queenstown. I hope there is more snow for when you arrive.
Check out www.nzski.com
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The drive is indeed really scenic, and I think the only major pass is Lindis? Pass between the two cities, via Tekapo, etc.

When I was there, they offered fairly cheap one-way flights between the cities for about $50 USD, so I took the bus from Christchurch to Queenstown (8 hours+, with a bus breakdown), and then flew back. Oh yeah, this was after the sixteen hour flight from the States.
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another vote for the drive. It is really scenic and you need a car for the trips to the various ski hills from Queenstown.
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