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Twin Tips

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Hi all,

My wife and I just started Sking last season. we loved it. Love it so much in fact I bought all the equipment for myself. I'm buying Equipment for my wife this season, she is a way better skier then me and wants to do the pipe and ski backwards. I was thinking that Twin tips would be best for her, but she'll be doing the pipe and groomed runs. (I'm in Ontario and we don't get great powder) so she doesn't nee Fat ones. I have no Idea what to look for, everyplace i went to before end of season seemed to have no clue or to try to sell me $700 skis which she won't pay. I'll going to the ski show this year and was wondering if any of you have any ideas?
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G'day and Welcome to Epic. I have just purchased my first TT ski for next season at a reasonable price. Perhaps you may find something to your wifes liking here.
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Thanks for the reply, I was wondering what Ski to look at, she's good at runs but needs to learn tricks and to ski a run backwards. I'm so lost when it comes to this.
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You can ski basakwards;-) on any ski but Twin Tips are much easier for that type of skiing. Here are few skis that would do this.
My pick for her.
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Chronics, huh, not a bad choice, but something to keep inm ind, are you one a budget? You say she is a better skier than you, what level would you estimate her to be? I know most women don't like this questions, but roughly what is her weight? Any idea if she prefers a softer flexing ski (more freestyle oriented) or a stiffer ski (more all-mountain twin)?
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Yesguy!, welcome to EpicSki!

You may want to do a bit of searching here to get some ideas. I am not a park & pipe skier, particularly, but can tell you that many skis now have enough turn-up at the tail that you can easily land switch and ride it out.

Real twin-tips tend to be high-level skis (hence the costs you saw). Line skis are designed for park & pipe by guys that grew up skiing there. (...and, as an aside, their web site isn't a flashified like so many ski sites!) You may want to check out the Assassin (click the link at the bottom of the page and search for it).

(Interesting! I was posting this at the same time slider was. Seems you should look into Line, eh?)
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They look cool, but are they still shaped. do they Ski well? They look more straight boards. so i guess my main question is really how hard are they to ski compared to the solamon scramblers she's been renting?
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BTW, thanks for the welcome. Although i'm new to skiing i started in Feb, i abosoultly love it. this site is great i'm going through a seriose case of withdrawl. you guys are awesome!!
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some twin tips will be more shaped than others, some actually seem almost non-shaped.

From that type of questions I'm assuming you (and her) are looking for a more all-mountian type ski that is a twin. Line skis will primarily be park/pipe oriented first and foremost (same goes for the up and coming companies like Aramada, 4frnt, etc). You may want to take a look at picking up some previous years 03/04 or 04/05 K2 PE's (Public Enemy) or this years Misdemeanor (women's specific twin), the Dynastar Troublemakers (which I've heard some people praise their all-mountain ability), Atomic Tweak, and the Salomon 1080 (there new naming scheme is a bit confusing, so I won't say which one specifically to look at). There are also a few women specific skis that are more park oriented by Line and Armada too.
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Great, thanks!! Ya i can see that some look non-shaped and that kinda scares me, i tried Skiing 11 years ago and those damn Trees kept jumping in front of me. I heard about the shaped skis, so i tried skiing again in feb and it was sooo much easier.
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Yesguy! I too usually ski on a crave ski(117mm-65mm-100mm) But have skied a number of fatter skis(up to 101mm waist)and most hold their own caving. A little bit slower from edge to edge than a SL ski and not as squirrelly. Price seemed to be a concern so I pointed you towards what I thought were good deals. 150+ for new. Other thing is ski size. 150cm should be plenty of ski. IMO.
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I'd take a serious look at the Salomon 1080's. I know of several couples in their 50's (my parents friends) who have been skiing on them for a few years now (and on a couple different versions) and absolutely love them. Needless to say, these folks are not interested in park/pipe or skiing switch...but they sing the praises of the ski's all mountain ability all the time.

I'm not a fan of the K2 Public Enemy as an all-mountain twintip, personally. I think it's a little too wide and a little too damp for the East Coast conditions I ride on. That being said, they're practically indestructible and allow for a nice, stable platform to progress on while learning tricks.

I personally own a pair of 04/05 Line Chronic's for pure park/pipe and the occasional foray into the city for some rail poaching, but don't really bother with them anywhere else on the mtn. I also own a pair of Dynastar Troublemakers that I use to teach with (bought 'em used so the kiddies could scuff 'em up to their hearts' content!). Although the camber left the building awhile ago, I can still feel the remnants of a decent all mountain board every so often.

Above all else, and this applies to both your wife as well as yourself, don't buy anything without DEMOING them first! You can get as much advice as possible on this forum (valuable, no doubt), read the magazine reviews, etc., but nothing beats your own personal perception of a ski's performance.
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I wish I could Demo, but really there is no place around here where i can do that. The hill I go to, didn't have demo ski's set for foot size and refused to do it. They also didn't have Twins to demo. I may be able to find a pro shop i Barrie (the town where i Ski) where i can demo but i'd have to look
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Originally Posted by Yesguy!
I wish I could Demo, but really there is no place around here where i can do that. The hill I go to, didn't have demo ski's set for foot size and refused to do it. They also didn't have Twins to demo. I may be able to find a pro shop i Barrie (the town where i Ski) where i can demo but i'd have to look
I'm not familiar with the Ontario area, but I'd be surprised if you couldn't find a shop close by that would let you demo some equipment. If not, then as others have suggested, look online for cheap deals. It would be a shame to spend 500+ dollars on a pair of boards she hated...but if you could pick something up for under 250/300, it may not be as painful.

I'm interested in something, Yesguy. You said you both began skiing last season? If so, you're wife must be an incredible athlete to be ready (or even willing) to begin park/pipe skiing. More power to her! Hopefully you'll be right on her heels, another two passionate converts to this great sport!
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she's the bomb. she parreled the first time off the lift! The instructer was amazed, thought she was refreshing couldn't belive it was only her second time, the first being the week before on the bunny hill. SO i'm getting her twins
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Originally Posted by iskitoofast4u
I'd take a serious look at the Salomon 1080's.
I ski these too, but if I had to decide again I would opt for the stiffer Candide Labs instead of the reular 1080s. Just my 0.02.
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