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Queesntown or Christchurch

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Gday guys,
Im heading to New Zealand in a couple of weeks, and Im trying to decide on paying 350 (aussie) dollars more and flying into Queenstown or going cheap and flying to Christchurch and busing or driving down. How long is the drive. I dont mind a road trip but I'm worried i could get stuck in a storm and have to drive at twenty km/h with my chains on for 7 hours. Is it worth the saving.

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Ive done both

Its a LOOOOONG way after a flight

bite the bullet and go to Queenstown
It pretty rare to have snow in Queenstown - its down the hill

Lucky bugger
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Fly to Queenstown. I do the drive a couple of times every year and it takes about 5 hours with minimal stops and clear roads. The central Otago plains and passes are much more prone to snow on the roads than Queenstown itself and can turn the drive into a 7 hr marathon or more if you hit a storm.
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I've driven down a couple of times. It's not a hard drive but does take 5-7 hours. I've driven instead of flying direct to add a little bit of sightseeing in my ski dominated trips (and save a few $$ to spend on all the adrenaline activities at Queenstown).
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depends on how long you are in NZ

we have done the drive from Christchurch many times (I'm a kiwi)

We do it so we can stop off to ski Mt Hutt (from Methwen = accommodation), Mt Dobson (there is local accommodation) and Ohau which has a lodge you can stay at.

Hutt is an excellent commercial field and always worth a visit - its a great intro to NZ skiing for Ozzies

Ohau has excellent skiing, an awesome access road and no crowds. Also believe they have upgraded tows this year.

Dobson is a very pleasant small commercial field.

Then drive on to Wanaka and ski treble cone (the best), then Cardrona on the way through.

You wouldnt want to miss these fields if you havent been to NZ before

Remarkables and Coronet are OK but its definitely worth checking out the others as well if you have the time, the transport and the money.
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