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Originally posted by HaveSkisWillClimb:
man from OZ,
You're totally neglecting the efficiency factor in ski design, much less your seemingly lack of Tele experience [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img]
I too love being in the deep stuff...you need to get out and DO IT more. As mentioned, all the choices are out there...
I thought I covered every question about "fats are better", inc the percieved efficiency factor ... oh well. Yep I do not tele much and yes fats are popular with telepigs and I can totally understand why. Totally different turn type though and a huge difference in ski signature on the snow. Yep I do need to Do It more, alas I was born in a flat dry country and prefer steep and qnarly more than deep and flat. Still skied far more "major" hills than 97% of Epic skiers though. All choices are out there all right, making sure we make our own is very important. Sifting through the advertising and peer group pressure is always an interesting process.

Oz ... doing it.
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for a freah persective... well, maybe not ... old arlberge type over here and my hill, (Mt Hood) isn't known for light and dry. My mid fats (XScreams) are super most days but when the deep ___ fly's, 195 AK Launchers just power through. Yep, they're heavy, Yep they're too long and I sure wouldn't want to do the AT scene on them, but when the stuff is heavy and deep, the terrain is steep and trees are tight, they sure are fun.

Show me crud - then try to catch me ... those planks just eat it up and unlike the bicycle - it's not just the pilot (LOL).

Ski ya later and screw El Ninio!
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Originally posted by TooSteep:
Can someone please explain why 'powder' skis need to be so wide?
Wide is good in powder because the smaller surface of narrower bases lets em sink deeper which means a less stable interface with the medium -- think 'running on the beach in stiletto pumps'.

Sure faceshots are fun, but not at the expense of becoming so exhausted that by 1:30 on a powder day you're ready to hang it up. Pretty much every decent powder skier thought fat skis were a joke at some time before the mid 90's... then as they've tried them, they've seen the light. So now the question is how wide can you go before the added float doesn't justify the added swing weight.

Here's a novel idea..... GET USED TO THE IDEA OF HAVING 2 PAIRS OF SKIS.
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