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Tart Cherry Juice

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Tart Cherry Juice has been demonstrated to contain active anti-oxidants and anti-inflammatory agents (COX-1 and COX-2 inhibition activity) in vitro (studies outside the body). There are now in vivo studies going on in terms of clinical efficacy. To find out more just google on combinations of "cherry juice," "anti-inflammatory," and "anthocyanins."

I started drinking 1 or 2 cups/day a week ago. Of coure one anecdotal experience is not worth much but my initial impression is that there are very noticable positive effects. There are many other such anecdotal claims.

Just wondering if anyone else has any experience or information on this? With the removal of most of the newer COX-2 inhibitors (i.e. Vioxx) and the suggestion that most Nsaids have deleterious cardiovascular (and perhaps other) side effects I certainly am looking for some help in this area.
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Si, dont' just drink the juice- the cherries are good with everything. Do you have Morello (dark) or Montmorency juice (somewhat clear, from the white-fleshed cherry)?

They're also supposed to be good for those with high purine diets.
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I am using King Orchards Montmorency Tart Cherry concentrate to mix the juice. Problem with reliance upon just eating the tart cherries is that an 8oz. glass of juice is supposed to have the equivalent of 100 cherries in terms of active agents (of course that's a statistic from the Cherry Marketing Institute.
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