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Park Skis

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Are park/freestyle skis meant for just that type of skiing or can you also use it as a regular piste ski and also to play in the park? I am asking as some other threads I have read indicated the bases wear out very fast on some of these skis due to their use of non-sintered bases. I am shopping around for a intermediate ski and also like playing in the park. I would say 80% of my time is spent on-piste, the other 20% in the park areas.

I have read good reviews regarding the K2 freestyle skis.

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depending on the ski, it can be used all over the mountain or be very park specific.

To illustrate this... Tanner Hall's Armada Signature ski actually has rounded edges under the foot... great for riding rails but terrible for the rest of the mountain.
As skis become more park orientated they will have softer flex in the tips and the tails for "butters" and other freestyle tricks, all mountain twin's will tend to have a stiffer overall flex pattern.

There are plenty of Twin Tip's that ride great in the park and over the mountain.
K2's public enemy's have been one of the biggest hits
Dynastar's Troublemakers have been getting good reviews
Line's mavericks are all mountain orientated, as are the Armada AR5's

Check out manufacture's websites, they'll probably have some kind of rating system for the % of each terrain the ski is designed for, that'll get you in the right direction... but a demo' is the only way to know for sure.
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