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Spoiler, TTT results

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How sad Zabriske fell near the end of the team time trial. He is a mad time trialist, did a lot of the pulling for CSC. I'm sure without that mishap, they would have won the stage or at least finished inside of two seconds back. And Dave did a lot of the work. Well, his job was to keep Basso from losing more time to Armstrong and he did that well. But he could have worn the jersey for many more days if he didn't fall. Congratulations to Lance and Discovery, but also to Dave Zabriske for winning stage one and holding onto the yellow jersey for 3 days and to CSC for an excellent TTT result.
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No love for David Z? If he had crashed in the last km he would have been given the same time as his team mates and been equal to Lance on GC. He crashed 1 and 1/2 km from the finish. Two seconds would have vanished in six heatbeats in the mountains, but I'm sorry to see DZ lose the lead like that.

Not to take anything away from Discovery. They looked great bringing the whole squad home together. Julich, Vino, Basso, Ullrich still close. It will all change in the mountains.
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No love? Hardly. Just appreciation for superior management of the little hassles as shown by Discovery. That little unclip in the individual time trial could've done for more than 2 seconds, but it didn't.

I still wonder whether he could have saved it if he'd had his hands wider on the bars.

Watermelon & rose water soup, mmmm.
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Not sure what team management has to do with it. Riis had drilled his team not to stop or slow down if David fell. CSC is under excellent management, I don't think it is inferior to Discovery in that regard.

I just think a slight hesitation or disruption of flow resulted that would have made a fraction of a second difference. CSC finished two seconds behind, so if Z was with them he would have been approx. tied with Lance. Factor in the fraction of a second lost and Z is still in yellow. If he fell inside last km, he would have been given the same time as the team mates. Then he also is on the same second as Lance, maybe still leading.

Yes, the TT bars make bike handling more difficult but you need to use them to win TT. They aren't allowed in regular road races because of safety concerns.

Oh well, people fall in time trials all the time. It just seemed a shame to happen so close to the end of an excellent effort.

What about watermelon and soup? You lost me there.
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telerod, I meant management of details by the riders themselves and the ability to surmount problems.

The watermelon/rose water soup bit was today's interest story, before they started in on Lance not wanting to wear yellow today because he felt DZ didn't deserve to lose it.
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DZ's bike handling is not the best. I get the impression that he is not very comfortable in the peleton, which is probably why he has distinguished himself as a time trialist.

That's great that Lance wanted to wear his team jersey. I didn't think he would want to get the yellow jersey that way. Reminds me of when he waited for Ullrich after Jan crashed.
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