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4 runs of the 4th of July

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I thought I was going to see the Quote (Got 4 runs on the 4th of July)

But ended up getting a mention as (Mike Verdi) from the Reno Area.

I had a great weekend and 4th sking Snowbird.



Michael Thompson (VerdiNV)
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Good to see your still on the boards. TGR skiers are still after it. Some ppl will ski on anything.
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I am not sure what is harder on ski boots? The rock shale and mud I was walking through or sand> Is that you? where are you going.

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cannot open the images/html MTT
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jackwan1 // It is just a link to Salt lake city Tribune. Front page story/ I can link ok

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MTT-Not me on the dunes. No skiing for a while. Fell off a trailer at work and got bruised ribs. Making plans for ski trips next season.
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Know about busted // Cracked brused ribs. regradless of who (I like the pick you posted) It brings back to memory walking up the hill to Snowbird tram in the heat after getting my runs in.
That slope and walk is one of the pic's in the tribune link I posted.
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Can't open either, but cheers!
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