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Tyrolia HD 14 or marker 1400 Piston

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well, The shop here in Denver that sells me most of my stuff is suggesting the Tyrolia Railflex or the marker 1400 piston . I wanted to mount the marker world cup piston plate on my stockli stormriders but they say it would make that ski stiffer and a lot less fun to ski . Now the rail Flex system is going ski similar to a ski with the marker motion I would imagine .
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I seem to recall a discussion somewhere about the issues surrounding "free flexing" binding systems. There are different ideas about how this should happen from the manufacturers, but there was a point that each manufacturer ended up doing it a slightly different way due to patents they had.

In the case of the Railflex both the toe and the heel slide and the center is fixed to the ski. In the other Tyrolias only the heel slides and the toe is fixed (I believe that this is the method that many others use also, except Marker). Marker's motion system has a fixed heel and a sliding toe (if I remember correctly). According to the article (or the discussion - can't remember which) the general consensus is that the best method to achieve "binding freedom" is to either allow both the toe and heel to slide or just the heel. There were some fairly negative comments about Marker allowing the toe to slide forward while the ski is flexing. Unfortunately I can't remember the technical issues, but I remember the argument being fairly sound.

I had every intention of mounting some Railflex systems on my skis, but ended up having to return them since the Railflex base was much longer than I had anticipated and proved to be incompatible with the risers and plates I had on my skis. I'm still planning on using the Railflex if I end up picking up some Stockli Snakes for the new season.

After my discoveries regarding binding coupling stiffness (there's a whole thread on that from a few weeks ago - most of it is worth reading) I don't think I'll be purchasing any more Marker bindings in the future. So my vote would be for the Tyrolias.
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If I sum up what I know from various sources including a discussion with the chief designer of VIST bindings the combo "fixed toe and sliding heel" is considered superior, esp. in ski racing (or anywhere with top requirements).

Sliding toe and fixed heel seems to be the Marker philosophy in the earlier plates as well.

It´s a shame I don´t know why they prefer this solution because the owner of the factory where Marker bindings are manufactured lives literally around the corner here. And because the long-year chief designer with some patents, now retired, is also an ex-Czech.
(The former is just the boss and he wouldn´t know but the latter would. Unfortunately, I have some problems reaching him via e-mail. I have tried. I very much want to have a chat with him once more. If we meet I will remember to ask him...)

I think that sliding toe&heel (e.g. Railflex with "double freeflex") doesn´t transform the forces as well as a fixed toe would. This doesn´t matter in recreational skiing but isn´t good enough in racing. Tyrolia Freeflex Plus (and similar Atomic fullflex) are still the systems used by both companies.
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