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Please help me pick a ski (sales on the 2003 stuff)

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I'd really like to buy a ski within a week or two tops to take advantage of some really nice deals to be had on the 2003 stuff (50% off list seems fairly common). Some more detailed info on me:

- 5'11" 165 (182cm 75kg)
- west coast skiing (Cypress, Whistler, practically never icy)
- skied for 10-15 years in Europe (ice most of the time) on crappy pencil skis with badly adjusted boots, didn't ski at all the past 4 years, am going to get back in it this year (finally!) and have been reading up a lot on shapes etc.
- fairly competent on pencils, never tried shapes: I can ski fairly close to parallel on anything up to 'moderate' slopes (say, European reds to some easier blacks) and can ski pretty much anywhere save monster moguls on 80 degree-type slopes (been there, done that, didn't enjoy it at all ).
- Hate moguls, dislike extreme speeds (only -extreme- speeds, I am not a slowpoke by any stretch of the imagination), enjoy the most Giant Slalom type slopes on groomed but don't mind some powder every now and then. Really love carving mid-sized turns at 'cruising' speed (say, 20-25mph).
- looking for a swiss-army-knife type of deal obviously (can't really afford 3 skis ) with a definite bias towards groomed.

Skis I've been considering (also because most of them I can find locally) are

head ic160 (but how do they stand up in powder?)
head monster 70 (but what about the groomed?)
K2 5500 (heard good things about them)
Rossi XX (but I think they're a bit too wide)

the skis I'm going to buy should last me -AT LEAST- 4-5 years so something I will outgrow in a season of weekly skiing is a definite no-no.

Right now I'm leaning towards the ic160s but what's holding me back is the fact that I wonder how they'll perform in crud/powder/choppy snow, if I was still living in Europe they'd be a no brainer but the 70mm mid-fats seem tempting. OTOH I don't plan to ski too much outside of the groomed slopes, so maybe I'd do better on a carver than a mid-fat.

In terms of length I think 170 would be a good match for my height/weight/skillset.

I'd really appreciate any help, thanks!
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I'm 5'8" 140lbs and ski 170-180cm. You should probably think about the 180s
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You will learn to carve faster on the IC160, they really make it easier, especially for people that transition from pencil skis. They float ok since the tip is so wide. The IM70 carve well too, even on ice, and is a little more stable at speed and better for all mountain use. It depends on what is important for you, learning to carve fast or all around use.
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From the information you've given, the Head IC160 sounds like it would be your best choice by far. I own a pair of the Head IC180's which are very similar to the 160's, and they are great carving skis with some off piste capability as well. I know some accomplised skiers that ski the 160, and they swear by it. The Head IM70's and Rossi Bandit XX are more all terrain skis with some carving capabilities, but not the ideal choice for someone that stays primarily on the groomed. The K2 5500 is kind of a jack of all trades type of ski for a solid intermediate skier, but if you're already skiing in the 20-25 mph range, you may outgrow that ski rather quickly. The Head IC160 was Peter Keelty's choice for overall ski of the year last year because of it's near universal appeal. You might want to check out his sight, www.techsupportforskiers.com. For the small cost of membership, he has a wealth of information on gear, including ski reviews that go back to 1999, as well as one on one personal assistance when it comes to gear issues. If you decide to go with the IC160, try to get it with the Super Railflex binding system. As far as length, I wouldn't go any longer than a 170. I'm 205 lbs., and I ski the 177's, and they are all the ski I need. This year the longest length that ski comes in is a 177, so I wouldn't make the mistake of going too long. I was told that for this years ski testing for the magazine reviews, the longest ski that Head submitted was a 170. Good Luck.
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wdreamsmaycome, I second Mac's suggestion of joining Peter Keelty's site and getting a one on one recommendation from him. Short of that you may want to also consider the new Blizzard Sigma 7.0 FxP Ti or possibly the Nordica's SUV 12x if you can find them. If you want to go with a Rossi, the Bandit X would be better for the conditions that you describe. However, if you are going to be keeping the skis for 4-5 years and skiing WB type conditions, you may want to go slightly fatter which would provide more versatility for the future in powder, broken snow and crud. In this case I would suggest Head's iM 75 Chip. For size, I would stick to the 170-180 range (lower for groomed only, mid to upper range if you want to cover off-piste). The four skis that you listed are all good skis as well. I doubt that you would be disappointed with any of these choices. Your boots should be a higher priority than the skis if they are badly adjusted. I would also budget for a lesson or two to help dial in the new skis and techniques.

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You might try Volkl's t-50 (5star or the 4star ) I found the 4star more versital ,since it handles the short radius turns very well and was the best volkl in the bumps since the ultra p-30.And the 4-star does very well as a cruiser , just not as fast as my p-50's
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Originally posted by wdreamsmaycome:
- west coast skiing (Cypress, Whistler, practically never icy)
Hey, we're in the same location, so I know exactly the kind of snow conditions you're going to encounter. If you plan to do most of your skiing at Cypress, go with the IC 160. A midfat is overkill for that hill, plus they can get quite icy conditions with the thaw-freeze cycles they tend to experience at such low elevations.

If you're planning to ski WB more so than Cypress, then I'd go for the IM70. You'll quickly tire of the groomers and be out exploring all the other wonderful terrain at WB for which the IC160 won't be as well suited for as good fat or midfat.

On second thought, stay on the groomers and leave the untracked for me
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thanks for all the replies, given that I'm going to ski mostly on cypress (with maybe 2-3 times a year at WB) I've decided to go with the 160, Snowcovers had a fairly decent deal on them so I took the plunge: I'll let you know how it goes [img]smile.gif[/img]

They came pre-mounted with the tyrolia sld 10, which seems fine given my height/weight (don't think I need the two extra din that the ld 12 offers) from the site & everything it seems that the din rating is the only difference between those two.

I got the salomon X wave 7 boots (they were the ones that felt the best, I seem to have a 'weird' foot, lol) and I sprung for the custom molded footbed (the custom liners were definitely out of my price range at this point)

again, thanks to everybody for the feedback!
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Volkl G3
Sidecut= 108-70-96mm
Try www.sportsliquidators.com. I just picked up a pair of Volkl G4's for $550 CDN, no tax. I actually bought them on eBay, and found out the warehouse was in BC. I called them and they said they would deliver the skis to Mad Dog sports in Langley for me to pick up. They were about $200 cheaper than any other store in Vancouver.
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