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Aussie ski season

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Hey im pretty new here, but i happened to notice that alot of you guys are yanks and canadians... any way i thought it would be kool to show u how our season is going so far and share a few pics with you. As this is my first post sorry if its too many pics! cheers guys

Damo red jacket

mat blue pants

chris white pants

June 18 2005, Thredbo Australia (2nd weekend of season)

June 25th 2005, Thredbo Australia (top of kosciuszko express)

To the right of merrits, with the snow gums

heading into stanleys

Thredbo Australia
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some carving

can see Thredbo village in back ground

aussie snow ghost

not bad for first real weekend open!

Thredbo, Australia
672m vertical
bottom 1365m
top 2037
longest run 5.9km
average snow depth- 207cm
average snow fall- 5.5m

cheers guys
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Aussie, thanks for the post and pics, makes my heart sing!!!!

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What mkevenson said, and welcome!
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That´s absolutely sweet in July!

Once upon a time there was a good chance to get subzero temperatures and some fresh snow on European glaciers even in summer. It´s just a slim chance nowadays.
Have a good season!
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You just made me homesick for my Aussie days...glad to see the season looks pretty fabulous so far. Enjoy!
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Keep sending us pictures, it will help us make it through the hot weather. Enjoy your season.
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