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Volkl Queen Attiva

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Hi. I am looking at buying some Volkl Queen Attiva's for my wife.
These will be used mainly in the Craigieburn range in New Zealand (almost completely offpiste, powder/crud/slop/death cookies) and on powder days in Japan.
They have the same dimensions as the Karma but the Volkl rep in Japan portayed them as being an Expolsive/Mantra for women with the 20/20 theme.
I can get a pretty good deal on them if I buy them at the same time as my Mantras so are very interested but as i have never seen/played with them in the flesh I was hoping somebody here might have ridden them and be able to give their opinion.
I would be interesed in any comparisons that could be made to other womens powder/crud stix i.e. K2 Phat Luv, Rossi B3w.
They would be mounted with Rossi Scratch 100's.
For reference my wife is a massive 152cm(5'1?) and 48kgs(106lbs), finesse style skier who can be a little agressive when its called for. We would be buying the 156cm, 119-87-111.

Any help anyone?

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I'm bumping this to see if anyone has an answer yet (not that it matters to the guy who posted in July, but I'm curious myself).

I have a pair of the pink Supersports, which are great for what they're for, but I'd really like something a bit wider under foot for the rest of the mountain. So far looking at the Queen Attiva, Rossi B3W, and maybe a Pocket Rocket?

Anyway, any compare/contrast? Other suggestions for demoing? I may also try the Lotta Luv and/or Phat Luv. I want something versatile but that isn't TOO close to what I already use.
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I"m interested too. How about the big fat thang? or the fischer rangi? anyone skied any of these?
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The women that test for me skiied several of the models in question. Both of my primary testers are ex L-III ski instructors that now have families and real jobs. Their skill level is very high but they generally don't ski as fast as some younger women might. Their style is smooth and controlled.

The Phat Luv is certainly a deep snow specific model. While some may choose to ski it everyday, it is challenged by quick turns and hard snow.

The B3-W is more of an everyday model in that it offers good float in moderately deep snow and reasonable grip on the pack for such a wide ski. All the B series skis offer a damp ride and shine more in longer turns than shorter.

The Queen has a very light feel for such a wide ski and is better than expected on hardpack. It seems quicker and more nimble than the B3-W but gets knocked around a little more in heavier crud at higher speeds.

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Thank you! That's great information ....
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