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Looking for opinions on Volkl 724 EXP or Pro

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I'm currently using K2 Axis Xt's 181cm and like them a lot, but looking for something possibly a little wider underfoot and these two sound interesting. I'm an advanced skier that loves steep groomers, powder and small bumps. I ski out west 2 weeks a year and 3 or 4 two day (non weekend) trips to Snowshoe, WV the rest of the season. Any opinions/first hand knowledge on these would be much appreciated! I'm 6'6" 190 and in decent shape if that matters?
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There was plenty of discussion on these skiis a couple of months ago. Do a search and it should turn up plenty. As the 724 series has now been superceded you may pick up a good deal. On the otherhand, you may want to check out the replacements, the AC3 & AC4.
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Volkl 724 pro

This is the best ski I have ever used. I picked up a pair this year.Very fast, very stable ski.Performs better at speed.Excellent hold on ice, as good as you'll find.Great everyday eastern ski! Not a light powder ski but a solid bad ass.
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If you like bumps get the EXP, the PRO is to stiff.
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The Pro is a fun skis. A 184cm for your size, combined with where you ski would probably be a reasonable choice. I don't find them too stiff for bumps, but I
didn't hit any eastern ice bumps with them. They like fast.
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Many thanks for the replies and I believe I have a line on a pair of the EXP's at an incredible price
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I ski the 184 Pro as my everday Aspen Mountain ski. Its a great stick and will ski well in just about anything but thick heavy powder.
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You'll like the EXP, very versital. It will handle speed and in one of my other post my "son could fly through the bumps on them". Just like he did on my AX3's.
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Skied the pro for two years. Its a great ski, big sweet spot for such a high performing ski. I like it in powder (EAST) and crud and slop. It holds nicely on ice and it's great in the bumps as long as you avoid radical bending! It skis bigish GS turns and can do tight turns as well.

I'm overdue for a new ski and am not sure what to get. I like to change skis so it will likely be something different. The pro was a great choice then.
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Many Thanks to all. Now if my Local shop can get me the great deal on the 177's I'm set
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