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I'm heading to europe for a couple of years. I normally ride a 4x4 BIG in a 188cm and have generally concluded the 186-188cm is the right size for me. I'm interested in the BR 10.20's and won't have a chance to demo them and the dang things only come in 180 and 190?!?!?

What size to get? I know the 186cm Powertracs work for me so can anyone compare the 2 skis as far as performance and please tell what length you tried. Its going to be primarily for groomers as I'm using my BIG's w/ Fritchi's for Off Piste. I'm 160 at most and an expert skier looking for a great carving hard snow groomer that is versatile enough to do a little more. Preferences on the Powertracs vs the BR 10.20's? Differences, strengths, weeknesses?

Any tips Thanks!