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Help: Haglund's

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Has anybody had any luck having boots fitted for Haglund's (bony growth at the back of the heel)? I have been to good bootfitters (Elite Feet at Squaw), but I am still having problems.

Has anybody had any lucky having boots modified to accomidate the growth? What have you had done to your boots? FYI: Elite Feet did punch at the heel a little.

I am live in New Hampshire. If anybody in New England has found a bootfitter experienced with this problem, please offer a recommendation.

Boot: Diablo Race Pro Size 7.5
Street Shoe: 9-9.5

I have a pair of Tecnica Diablo Race boots and developed MAJOR pain while skiing this past season. I think the problem was partly aggrivated by the thick superfeet cork insole putting the top of my heel too high in the pocket and creating a preasure point. On the last day of the season I tossed out my superfeets and pulled a pair of super thin insoles from a pair of shoes. I actually made until lunch before the pain became intense (vs. 1 run).

Regardless, I need to have something done with my boots before this season. I needed over two months before I could even mountain bike because my heel had become so inflamed. During the last month, most of the pain and soreness has finally faded.

Thanks to all you respond.
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Have you tried Green Mountain Orthodics at Stratton?
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Bypass GMOL.. go to PJ/Todd at Racestocksports.com, Waterbury VT

Me: x-tra wide, bunoins, heel spurs, size 8.5-9 street shoe

My Dobermann WC 150 size 5!!!

Best fit ever, punches dont always work bc the plastic seeks to return to the original shape, these guys grind like gods & can also work on the liner. GMOL guys are good, but dont, compare in terms of skills level
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