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Heat Fit Liners?

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Picked up a pair of Head M103R's last week, and they have the Super Heat liners. Some shell work was done and they're ready to ski but just wondering about these liners... should they be heat fitted as well? I was a bootfitter for many years up til around 1996 when these types of liners were first introduced. At the time we never really bothered heat fitting them since their advantages were nominal... is this still the case or should I have the liners fitted?

And before it's asked, yes the boots fit great with the shell work completed, just wanted to see if I'd see even greater improvements if I had them heat fit, or perhaps I just leave them and over the course of a few weeks they'll conform to my feet in the same way?

Just wondering. [img]smile.gif[/img]
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I figure the heat molding takes about 4 days off of the break in period. They'll mold just fine over time like I said about 4 days give or take.
The materials are more stable and respond well to the heat but really it's just a ploy to get shops to put heat to the boot for the initial try on. Kind of like baking cookies in the house before a prospective buyer comes to look it over.
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