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Boot Flex

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I am an all mountain skier - and getting new boots. I have a fair idea what will fit me (tried them already) but I am getting mixed advice on forward flex. One boot fitter is suggesting that with the shaped skiis I should get more flex, others feel that a stiffer boot may be better. The Salomon Wave 8 and Head FR/9 are stiff (about the same?) vs. the Lange Banshee 9 (not the Pro) which is soft - all 3 seem to fit OK.

Your comments?
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Relatively softer forward flex, relatively stiffer lateral flex is what many folks are suggesting. I find that to be the proper combination for my purposes (Level 8), but I'm fairly light (5'10" 155lbs). I ski Salomon Course X-Scream boots, Flex Index 120 but softened somewhat in forward flex by grinding cuff material.

Beware comparing boot flex in the warm temperatures of the ski shop. Different boots will react differently to colder temperatures. Some will stiffen considerably from their "in-shop" feel, while others won't change that radically.
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As Gonzo said you can soften the flex some by grinding off areas on the cuff. You can also have a slot cut (Salomon marks this area on the Course) in the lower calf area of the shell. The flex index for the Xwave 8.0 is 90 which is not that stiff.
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An easier flexing boot is now perrferred, but I think the jury is still out on the "new" soft boots. Right now it looks like they are designed for the intermediate recreational skier, and may not be enough boot for you.

Pehaps considering a boot with a user friendly flex adjustment is a possibility but remember fit should ALWAYS be the driving force in making a boot buying decision.
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Wink - I don't know about fit always being the driving force in boot decision. There is the very real possibility that a boot that fits and individual's feet, could be horrible for that person's skiing. It is much easier to do some tweaking of the fit , than it is to change the persons stance in the boot. Heck, if it fits great, but than you need to plane the boot board down 1/4" in the heel, you can bet it might change that perfect fit. I can think of tons of people that have had great fitting boots, that really held thier skiing back. Don't settle for a great fit. Settle for great fit, great flex, great stance/alignment, Etc... Every year, I change quite a few people's boots who thought they had perfect fit.
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