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SkierXMan: The distance from the knee to the ankle and the knee to the waist are more prominent a physical factor than the weight as the weight only proportionally increases the force required. As the length decreases the force required increases by the square of the radius of the lever arm.

Yes we know "Give me a lever long enough, and a fulcrum strong enough, and single-handed I can move the world". But you are talking about edging and most of us think of float when looking at width of a ski (hence the weight factor).

But even if we talk about edging, I still say that the height difference has a minimal impact on one's ability to edge a ski. Remember that you edge starting from the feet (the old kinetic chain). Lifters will probably be more effective than longer legs. Once you use the advantage of a lifter to set a wide ski on edge, it takes very little effort to edge a little more.