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Best Gloves

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Please hekp with X-mas Wish

What are the best Glove now on the market?

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Hey Jersey,

Marmot, Black Diamond, and Cloudveil all make great gloves.

For really cold days, I would like the Marmot Ultimate Ski Glove.

Most days, i would prefer the Marmot Work Glove.

For really really cold days, Marmot Expedition Mittens.

Don't remember the particular models of the Black Diamond and Cloudveil gloves.

I prefer gloves with leashes for when I fiddle on the chairlift.

Have fun!
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For colder days there is a Cloudveil Mitten that rules all in my opinion. Also, I bought a pair of Auclair leather gloves for a normal (22* or so) and I LOVE them. It's kinda like a Reusch knock off so to speak, but an EXCELLENT glove.
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Burton (AK or Tactic models) gloves are just fantastic. Great materials, great removable liners, bulletproof, waterproof (fully taped seams), leashes, gators, goggle wipes, etc. I also have a pair of their mittens - best on the market (although the Marmot is pretty solid too). Wouldn't go with anything else. Not cheap, but this isn't the place to scrimp. [img]smile.gif[/img]
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Grandoe makes the best gloves. I bought a pair of Burton Tactics to replace some lost Grandoes; they are OK but not nearly as warm. I used the Burtons twice and gave them away. Went back to Grandoe.
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Not only do they make the best socks, but now they also make the best gloves, without question.

Riduculuously warm, and extremely well made - the answer is SMARTWOOL [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img]

I have tried many. This is the best I've ever worn. Check out the link and look for the Men's Competition Glove. You can buy them online HERE

You can thank me now, or thank me later.
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I have skied in one glove for the past 5 years, and believe it or not it was a pair of Patroler specials, a Kinko insulated work glove. I buy three pair at the beginning of the season. Get a thing of leather sealant, cover the gloves in it and bake at 250 degrees for 20 minutes in the oven. Nothing better! You may think I'm nuts but try it, greatest gloves on the planet no matter how cold/wet etc. You may have to put an thin insulating glove underneath for VERY cold days but otherwise they kick butt. Not much for a christmass present but you won't feel like crap when you loose these at 15 bucks a pair.

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Pow Junkie: Do you mean like a mink oil, or bees wax bsed sealant?
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I bought a pair of Gates a few years ago from the REI outlet. Dirt cheap, & they do the trick for the most part. HOWEVER, I recently saw a pair of Marmot gloves at my local ski shop, & made the mistake of trying them on. They were like butter! Most comfortable glove I've ever tried on. Not sure of the name, but they were mostly black, w/ palm & inside of fingers a tan leather. The price stunned me, so I didn't buy them (yet!). Trying to rationalize the purchase, but I probably won't this year. I'm too cheap. I'll prowl end-of-year sales etc. for a pair.
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Reusch . Number one winning glove on the World Cup the last 5 years at least.

The all leather models are very durable and quite warm. The models that blend synthetic and natural materials are even warmer. Available as gloves and mittens.
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I am a big fan of the Marmot Randonee gloves (around $90 I think) or the Marmot Ultimate Ski glove, but they are pricey at $159 or so.

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Hestra without a doubt. You pay for top quality not expensive marketing. Who knows more about cold than the Swedes. Hestra makes the gloves for the Swedish army as well. Their gloves and mittens are super warm and super durable. They can be hard to find in the USA but worth the hunt. http://www.hestragloves.com/

Grandoe is very good and easier to find.
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I don't like all the bulk of insulated gloves, either leather or taslan. I like Spring gloves like Scott, Marker or Rossignol. They give me a better feel on the pole grips and easier to get things out of my pack or pockets. It's all personal preference.
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My "best glove" is a Conroy. Soft deerskin keeps out the wind while providing good flex around pole grips, and quality lining material and insulation keep the fingers warmish.
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I'm on my 2nd pair of Marmot Ultimate Ski glove. Skied 42 years, worked the ski industry 12 years full time and never seen nor owned a better built all around glove. Goretex, "real" leather and nailhead cordura. Yes, a bit steep in price (150.00) but, I've never had cold fingers nor hands since owning these gems. Check them out!
I have 3 friends that use them as well and never a negative comment or regrets on spending the $$ on them... just DON"T lose them or leave them laying around in the lodge! [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img]
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Swany, I've used a pair of black leather Flextor's for the last eight years and they've seen plenty of abuse. Sweet feel and fit with the only downfall of getting a little too warm on nice days.
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For $150, that "Ultimate" glove should do more than just warm your hand...

A more practical approach is the Marmot Piste Glove for $55. Has Gore-Tex, durable and comfortable. Very versatile last year from January dump to late March spring days.

Never thought to spend alot on gloves these days; they are all so much better than the crappy little things we wore in the 70's on those cold, slow lifts.

$155? Now I'm curious.
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My recommendation is the same that I give for clothing- get mountaineering stuff, rather than "ski" stuff. They are usually more ruggedly and functionally constructed, and warmer, too. I am currently using the Marmot gloves, and I get cold hands really easily. In my opinion, things to look for are a removable inner glove (easier to dry), primaloft, outlast, or heavy weight fleece insulation (down is good for high altitude climbing, but not as good for most skiing), and fabric, not leather construction. Waterproof leather palms (like Pittards) are good, as are the synthetic leather palms. My personal favorite brands are Marmot, Black Diamond, Mountain Gear, Patagonia.

On really cold days, I use mittens (BD Mercury's), or those handwarmer things that you put into your gloves. They really work! Another alternative that is a compromise between mittens and gloves are the "lobsterclaw" gloves- they have an index finger, and the other three fingers are together like a mitten. Warmer than a glove, more dexterity than a mitten.

Look on web sites like reioutlet.com, sierratradingpost.com, and mgear.com for closeouts- no need to spend $150. on $150 gloves when you can get last year's model or overstocks for half price.
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