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My PT Played a Mean Trick:

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My last two appointments were "coincidentally" scheduled at the same time as our own infamous Katy Perry, aka Tsavo. Yesterday, she was finally able to get me through the last inch of full range of motion. It hurt like crazy, but with Katy's chastizing "suck it up, buttercup!" nobody had to wear earplugs to block out my screams!:

At the risk of sounding like an over protective mama to the rest of you, if heaven forbid you have to have this surgery, when your doc says get to PT within in two days post op, he means it! I had some complications that prohibited me from doing that. As a result, it took me three weeks longer than usual to acheive full range.

In the mean time, here's some prevention:
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Full range! Awesome. Congratulations. Tsavo might have helped but you did the work. Keep doing what you need to do. I'm sure you will hit the snow next fall as strong (and skiing as well) as the day you got injured.
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Hey, if you've got the screaming under control, then that rules out your tennis career (if you've been watching Wimbledon...)
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congrats, thats awesome. it's all downhill from there
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Kewl Lisa!

Great Work ..... and to your dungeon-mistress, Tsavo too!
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I usually don't like to give too much advise on here, b/c I never actually seen you guys/gals.. but this one I was waiting for you to figure out on your own LM.

We always set up patients w/ therapy prior to the surgury. This way the transition to rehab is seemless. I am really suprised how many folks comment on this forum about going days & weeks after surgury before starting the rehab process. We actually have EVERYONE up Post Op Day #1 & working on range/strengthening. In the hospital setting, all of our hip & knee pts are seen 2x per day. Then progressed to out pt PT several times per week. This is more important than every considering the current changes with Medicare (for our older skiers)

& yes we do play games at times too!
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The majority of our patients go thru a Pre Surgury class tought by a PT as well to prepare... Glad to here everone is doing well & congrats!!!
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IRIP, mine was a highly unusual case. Post-op, my oxygen level was extremely low. They thought that it would only last a day, so they sent me home with one of the big tanks, instead of the portable. It was so bad that I could hardly walk from one room to the next without the tank, let alone go to PT. When they finally got the portable, one week had passes.

Another thing that happens out here; They want to get you into surgery right away. I was injured on 3/6, surgery was 3/16. Although they told me to practice ROM exercises, there was no formal PT until post-op.
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When I had my ACL replaced, I started using the passive motion machine to regain ROM while I was still in my hospital bed, at 5 a.m. the morning after afternoon surgery. Took it home and used it about 6 hours a day, (not continuosly) for two weeks, and that, along with quad extensions, made my transition to hands-on PT easy.
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While your case LM was really different, what suprises me is how many people comment on such an extended delay between SX & PT.

I really cant comment on you particular case b/c well i was not there. What I can say is that here ; if a pt was home bound (sounds like you qualify) a PT would be sent to do "home care".... I must say I am really interested in this O2 issue though

Glad to hear things are looking up
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Congatulations on full ROM. I'm now 7 weeks post, at 135 flexion and wanting to get to 145. I'm riding, heel pulling, bending in the pool, etc. etc. but gaining felxion past about 125 has been tough.

Oh well, off to PT today hoping for something past 135.
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