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K2 Axis (no "X," no "PRO"), 174 or 181

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My cousin wants to buy himself some skis. He wants the Axis. (Why? He likes the graphics. Ever been on 'em? Hell no.) He skis one three-day trip a year, hopefully more in the future. I have suggested to him the (Escape) 5500 might be a better choice; so what; he's stubborn and set as a mule. I'm not going to waste breath and time in discussing the issue. I told him I can find him a deal.

Et cetera.


He probably defines the "Athletic Skier" type, is 5'9", 180, all rock, very fit, likes to ski "fast" in big turns. ('Cause he's never been in moguls or REAL powder and has no interest NOW in short, fall-line turns.)

I have told him he'll be in these skis the rest of his life at the rate he skis and might never outgrow them. He thinks the 174 is the appropriate choice, as it allows for more maneuvarability, etc., while I tell him the 181 is probably the length he should go for. At some point he WILL get in more ski days and given the WAY he skis, the 181 will be fine and he'll have no problem maneuvering them.

Et cetera.

What say YOU?

(IF it matters, he's a West-only skier.)
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The no-X, no-Pro Axis is, I believe, one of the best and most underrated skis of the decade. I know genuine intermediate skiers, and true experts, who love that ski. I weigh 145 pounds, stand 5'8", and am the quintessential "average" skier. This model was formerly called the Mod 7/8, and the Axis of today is the same ski. I have owned and skied and enjoyed this in 174 and I now own it and ski it and enjoy it in 167 with NO material loss of float or stability but with some increased maenuverability. Strong skiers I know who weigh the same as your cousin ski this in 174. I believe that the 174 would be enough ski for your cousin in any case, but at this stage, it is also more likely to allow him to learn technique better - hopefully wth lessons. I agree with you that the Escape 5500 in 174 [or 181 if you insist] would be the better choice, but if he's set on the K2 Axis, go with 174. And you're right - they can and probably will be his skis for life. He could do worse.

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Thanks, O. I've never been on the ski so am soliciting info from them what has. 'Preciate yer advice.
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What Oboe said.
Now if he really wanted a ski with cool graphics, tell him to buy The Fischer BigStick 84 in oh lets say a 181.With look bindings Those turntable heals are cool looking to.I can get a really geat deal on them right now.
After he buys that setup can I barrow them?
Just a thought
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I also am an athletic skier who likes to ski fast ect.I had both the axis x & axis x pro I am 5'10" 190#.I like to ski the whole mountain,the axis x did several things well but was not stable at speed & I had to work to stay centered to get the ski to work but when you do it works well, the pro on the other hand was just blast & go ,super stable get after it & it will take anything you give it.both skis will carve like mad just have differant speeds they need to carve .downfall of the pro is it does not like to go slow & its not a great mogul ski for me.so I sold the axis x & am looking for a play on piste,do moguls,ski slow with the family,carve short turns at slow speeds ect ski.I'm keeping the pro for my all mountain rip stick.I called k2 today because I am looking at the mach s can't decide 167 or 174cm ,no chance to demo.when I described my findings on the two axis skis, chris told me the problem was that at my size & weight & how I like to ski that I should have skied the axis x in 188cm & it would have worked better for me.he told me that shops automaticly saying go short is sometimes a problem if you have an aggressive skier who can ski & likes to ski fast.length = more stability ,I know the world cup skiers are skiing on shorter skis but these are purpose built race stock skis with highly trained athletes unlike us mortals, even those of us who like to rip who are looking for a ski that will do everything well, so be carefull & if your friend is capable to ski the 181cm get it as it is a great allaround ski.
happy skiing
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I forgot to mention www.kitsapsports.com has the axis x for 419.00 & has plenty in stock.also gart sports in colorado had some for 349.00 but I think they are all gone. bteddy
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