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K2 Omni 5.5

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I have read good things about these skis. I am relatively new to the sport of alpine skiing and folks say this would be a good ski to check out. I don't see much about this ski by doing a search in the forums here, probably because it is not geared towards advanced skiers and it sounds like most in here have years of experience.

I started out skiing 2 seasons ago with an Atomic E:7. I have demoed some skis this past year...the Rossignol Bandit B1, Head Monster 75, Elan 666, Atomic Izor on my last day.

The Head was really easy to ski actually from a stability standpoint but I found it hard to turn(i.e. skid) and stop quickly. It seemed like it liked to stay in a straight line and you had to push it hard to make it turn. The B1 was not real fun for me. I was skiing a longer model - 182cm I think. It liked to jump and hop when I did a hockey stop and I found it hard to stop quickly after a certain speed was reached. I was talking to the rental tech and he said possibly it is due to the bindings being mounted so low for a freeride model and I was not used to that and didnt have enough leverage and technique to grab an edge quickly on the hardpack.

When I ended last season my last lesson we were just getting into how to start to learn to carve. I have a few years of experience of Cross Country and Skate skiing so skidding turns and how to control yourself etc are no problem.

When I talk to folks about my skill level and other things the Omni 5.5 is often mentioned. As this ski was not available for demo I don't think its something I will have a chance to rent. The only K2 they had to rent was a Apache Crossfire.

Does anyone have anye xperience with the Omni 5.5?

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Did you see this review?

Omni 5.5 is supposed to be similar to the old Escape 5500 so comments re 5500 would also be useful.

I haven't had personal experience with either but from what I read they sound like a good fit.
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THanks...I didnt catch that review.
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I just read the review about the 5.5 from dawgcatching: Sounds like the ski still has too much side cut for you based on the problems you encountered on other similar skis. You should look for models geared more towards (Forgiving Learning to carve) and get some lessons. I might look around and find some others that might be more appropriate for you.
Also looking for posts here from others (I am not a ski instructor) just been around snow awhile.

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I did not see your Height/weight? It makes a difference when looking @ ski model and length.
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I am 6 foot about 185 lbs..
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Are you an Athletic (Big boned) 185 or need to loose 4 inches around the waist 185??

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Hey SkierXMan:
You were asking about a 200$ set of Solomon Street Racer 8's for two hundred bucks?? What length were they??

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MTT... I am in fairly decent shape-not a flabby 185.

The Street Racers are 170 cm length. Something about the look strikes me as odd. They have a real serious sidecut kind of like the look of the Atomic B5 model.
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OK, The Omni 5.5 is very similar to the Head i.m 75 chip| of those two skis’ I would buy the Heads!! You may want to look @ the good prices this summer for all of last years ski’s And Pick up a pair of the Heads @ 170CM. I think you would grow into them quickly, and end up comfortable on a very good ski!! That will take you where ever you want to go.

PS: GOOD FITTING BOOTS with a flex no higher than 90!! to go along with the ski's
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To the very best of my knowledge and belief, the K2 Omni 5.5 is to the Head 75 chip as the ostrich is to the giraffe.
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ii.M 75 Chip
Monster i.m 75 SRF 2 CHIP SYSTEM U
Freeride I-E
114 74 103
Quote from RealSkier
Last season's Overall Ski of the Year, unchanged: Among the most versatile ski ever made, in terms not only of terrain application, but skill level suitability as well. This ski really does it all, for just about anyone. And, we found it exceptionally stable at 170cm, which is part of what makes it so versatile. If you want only 1 ski, this year, this is the one.

__________________________________________________ _____________
K2 Omni 5.5

LEVEL..... (optional) Black-Blue
TARGET..... Performance All-Mountain
DIMENSIONS..... 111/69/101
SIDECUT..... 18mm
RADIUS..... 16m @ 174
SIZES..... 153, 160, 167, 174, 181
__________________________________________________ ______________________
HUMM: Oboe// Like I said looking for input from others. However Head i.m 75 is a bit wider underfoot, but both skis target same market, Testing describes similar characteristics/ Turn radius is close// same length options. Are they really that far apart??

And most important do you think I have given bad advice on a Ski and length for this skier?? Short actually watching him ski??

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I also believe they are that different.

5 mm in waist width can be a lot of difference, but the real difference is in target market. I accept that the RealSkier specs are similar, but don't agree at all that they define equal skis.

IMO I believe the iM75 is targeted at the Intermediate on up (maybe with emphasis on the "on up"). It is quite a bit stiffer than the Omni 5.5 (the im77 not quite so much stiffer). The im75 versatility is aimed at better skiers, higher speeds, and greater terrrain versatility.

The Omni 5.5 is aimed at the beginner up to intermediate skier, and its a pretty soft ski (easy to initiate turns but will still skid well). In the Head line, I would compare it with the old iC160 or suggest the im70.

However, the K2 Omni 5.5 (aka 5500) is a great "getting started and growing with you" ski, and sounds like a wonderful ski for the skier as described. I do believe he would have enjoyed the Head ski more by skiing it in the +15 position, but its still more bucks and ski than he needs for the next three/four years.
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Basically, what gandallf said.

Having skied them both, the 75 Head is a rock solid ski smooth at any speed. I would NOT choose it for a level 5 skier, but I would be stunned if an expert could make it go too fast. I noticed that short, quick turns with it were quite a chore.

The K2 5.5 is a great "getting into skiing" ski, and if I were noodling around the mountain with my family, it could be perfect. I'd hesitate to let it rip on hard snow, however.
Numbers aside, they were not anywhere near each other in my experience, and I don't know a dealer who would not agree with my experience.
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Life is good
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Had a shot of Jamison’s with dinner ( A real big shot) And watching MATRIX REVOLUTIONS) on DVD // Getting feisty

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I skied the escape 5500 (very similiar to Omni 5.5) in 03/04 and this year supposedly stepped up to the Axis XT(03/04 leftovers). They're both good skis, but I didn't see that much difference. The XT was a bit more stable perhaps, but the 5.5 should be a very good ski that WILL take you almost anywhere. I skied the 5500 all over advanced terrain in Tahoe and it did just fine. Good ski if you can pick it up cheap.
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