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Silveretta Pure AT bindings?

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Has anyone tried these AT bindings. I'm interested in how durable they are. How hard do you ski them and how heavy are you? Prereleases, etc...?
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I have a buddy that owns a ski shop and started skiing on a pair before they came out for retail sale, and he skied them all last winter. He backcountry skis at least 4 days a week, but since he owns a shop he skis different equipment all the time, but his main setup had he Pures. I have been out with him at least 4 or 5 times when he was on them. We skied all kinds of conditions and he never had any problems and claimed that he liked them. He has even skied the area a few times with them. He is a pretty agressive skier and weighs about 185 lbs.

It is a little suspiscious that when he did the Haute Route at the end of the winter he took a pair of boards with Freerides on them. I'll see if I can get some better info from him for you.
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Haven't skied it myself but quite a few reports on failure are around over here by now.

When looking at them they did on the one hand impress me by how light they were but otoh not from stability (you could easily twist them significantly even when locked down). Finally decided to go with Freerides instead.
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I haven't skied them myselfs as I'm Dynafit guy myself (and Freerides for inbounds/near country). I have heard reports of breakage online however. You might also check out Lou Dawson's "Flex" test results for AT bindings, the Pure definitly appears to have more "slop" then the Freerides/Dynafits:
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Ruedi beglinger at SME uses them. Having said that, he was on other bindings most of the week. I would be concerned about rockfall and dings on the carbon rails myself. I haven't used them myself so can't add any personal experiences.
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